Saturday, December 26, 2009

down to business...

Well. Hello random people on the internet! I am Christina and this is my blog. I'm not yet sure if:
a). I will continue writing on this blog of mine
b). that I will even have anything to write about, therefore option a would be forcibly brought into motion.

I'm not sure how people even find new blogs so I might just end up talking to myself and writing Dear Diary at the start of every entry.

Anyway..Now that THAT is out of the way.. I'd like to talk to you all about yesterday. Yesterday was a day that I like to call *Christmas* not to be confused with *Christina* which is my name. Something I often did in elementary school when I was heading papers around this wonderful time of year.

On this joyous day a bajillion years ago, baby Jesus was born. On this day yesterday, I got a nook. For those of you who may not know, a nook is like a Kindle. And for those of you who do not know what a Kindle is, allow me to enlighten you.

A nook is the barnes & noble version of the kindle which is a... ohh, hmm, 6 inch? tall electronic device where you can buy and download ebooks onto and read off of. It can hold thousands of books apparently and I just had to have this son of a gun. The possibility of walking around and being able to pull it out anywhere and buy or read a book and not look like a weirdo sounded pretty great to me. Not to mention its just convenient.
So I got one of these bad boys for Christmas and I opened it all up and waited, all antsy, for like 2 hours while it charged to full (because thats what the instructions told me I HAD to do) before I started messing with it. Long story short, the effing thing won't let me download books! I was able to BUY a book... go figureeeee... but I couldn't actually download it onto my nook.

It was a bit of a letdown when it came to nook climax time, if you know what I mean.
It kept saying "Queued: Will complete shortly" when I tried to download the book I just bought (Citizen Girl.. I don't know if its good or not) and the finally it would say try again later. I took this to mean that there were so many damn people trying to download books that it was turning people away. SO I spent all night hanging with the fam and.. reading a real book (sadface) while letting my nook sit in the supposed "queue".
For 8 hours.
ohsweet. it just worked all of a sudden. My blog is a lucky charm. I'm keeping it. for reals.
Ok, after like 15 minutes of reading I officially like it. The only thing I would maybe like better is if the page *turn* was a little more fluid and quick but otherwise.. yaaaaaay! I'm excited!

This post is way too long and rambling but I have been up since 8 am and it is 2:08 am so.
.... give me a break homies.

Did anyone else get a nook and if so was it malfunctioning too!? :)
or maybe YOU were the one getting all the quick downloads!

PS-I have to mention my boyfriend's mom brought to my attention that its called a nook ebook... think about it.
lol @mamaholley.
mildly delightful.


  1. Hi. I love you and your blog. When is my stupid brother going to marry you and make you an official 'H' family member?

    That book sucks. Really, really hard. Fyi.

    My mother is legit. True Story.

  2. Dude I don't know but I am pretty sure it wont be for a few years still. He wants to buy a car soon and I think that pretty much puts any other big buys off for a while.. aka ring wedding.

    Would it be sad for me to make my next 2 nook purchases The Hunger games and The Host? I should probably be spending money on things I haven't read yet...

    Your mother IS legit for real.

  3. Lame. I am going to tell him ring trumps car. Amen.

    No way! Those books rule!

    She is. She truly is.


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