Tuesday, December 29, 2009

movie night...

Is anybody out thereeee...

Last night I went with Jonathan and his co-worker Scott to go see Avatar! In 3D!.. RealD I think they called it. 

We got there an hour early on a MONDAY night and the line was still massive. The only reason we got 3 seats together that weren't in the front row was because some guy scooted his family over for us, bless his soul. If it had come down to it though Scott would have gotten the boot to go find his own seat--sorry Scotty!

Anyway, the movie was really good and engaging.. and kinda long but it wasnt like a wow-when-is-this-movie-going-to-be-freaking-over long. Even Jonathan wanted it to keep going once it had ended. I'm normally very not down with 3D movies where stuff is popping out and startling you every half a minute.. I don't need that kind of excitement in my life. But this was literally just 3D. No popping. No heart attacks. If you're like me about 3D movies, don't worry, you wont need to bring a change of pants. In fact I suggest going to see the 3D one if you have the opportunity because it was pretty darn neat.

Has anyone else seen it yet? Was non-*realD* as satisfying as the realD was?

ummmmm... how stylin' are the new 3D glasses? I just got out of bed so ignore my hair. and my face. well really everything besides the glasses.

It is my new goal in life to get a picture of Jonathan in his 3D glasses... which we accidently forgot to recycle in the bin outside the theater...... shame on us. I will post this picture the second I take it! Fear not!

I need to actually do stuff around the apartment today so I should stop messing around on here. Yesterday if you were reading my posts you would have seen some pretty intense background/header combinations. I was trying to find a way to spruce my blog up a bit. I think I approve of the owls for now.. I like simplicity. Nothing too busy or fancy-shmancy. But yeah, thats why I was worthless yesterday. I think first order of business is to make some tea then take the ornaments off our tree.

Until later, my imaginary friends!

<3 Christina.


  1. I do not even want to talk about this.


  2. I haven't read anything yet but I know I will love it... you have the background I thought about using... only the cool ones would pick this.

  3. Okay, I saw Avatar in REGULAR, not 3D. I'm so lame!! I want to see it in Imax 3D.

    Also- miniature dachshund? ooomg I just got a baby dachshund-- actually she's part Chihuahua, so we call her a chi-weenie :)

    I love the Owls on your blog!


  4. Yes I did just send all these people to your blog. Love me.

  5. EEEH real life comments! That aren't my bf's sister! Not that I don't love your comments Alex but that feels like cheating!

    and I'm glad my owls are a hit! I'll keep them!

    Me and my bf want to see it in Imax too but that might be a little intense! Those screens are so humongous (I totally just dictionary.com'ed humongous to make sure I spelled it right). My dachshund actually lives at home with my parents because when I moved out last year I: a). didn't want to seperate him from the other dogs (they have another mini dachshund and a golden retriever), and b). my bf is not a dog lover :( especially little inside dogs. So I just get to love him every time I go visit now. I totally miss my little guy! I bet a chi-weenie is cute! I'm getting an image of a mini dachshund with green grass sprouting out of it when I read that. I'm assuming thats not what it actually looks like.

    Alex, Jonathan wants to go to Sac and watch Avatar on imax though so let us know if you're down!

    I love you all <3

  6. Yay, especially you Alex! I'm totally profiting from your hard blog-work!

  7. I now need to see Avatar in 3D. Sounds awesome.

  8. YAY for you finally getting a blog!

    First off, welcome to blogland. Second, I love the owl background. So cute. Third, you make me want to see the movie so I can look super stylish in those glasses like you do. 8)

  9. I love that your profile says you are a stay at home girlfriend and for that, you are my hero...

    I'm loving the owls, they are cute :)


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