Wednesday, December 30, 2009

neat things I own..

Originally I was thinking something along the lines of.. "5 things I cant live without" but I don't actually own anything that cool. So it has evolved into me just taking pictures of random things in my possession and throwing them on a post.
Can you dig?

before we get into that I'd like you all to take a look at something for me.
I was taking the trash out last night and upon my return I noticed something by my door. Something metallic. Something dead-looking (I hoped).
Please tell me what this is.....


Upon closer inspection (not too close, mind you), I decided it must have to be a dead lizard. The only thing making me wonder is the fact that it has like.. a head on each end. and mutated extra limbs. and its super silver-looking. I have never seen a metallic silver lizard running around.

Apparently my doorstep is where creatures come to die.

Anyway. I now introduce the:
Neat things I own/can't live without and just really like.. list.
.. in no particular order.. besides #1.

My tea Kettle

We will start with the most important item first.
This little son-of-a-gun fuels my lifeline. Without my earl grey, I might perish completely. I do mix it up once in a while and drink a different kind of tea (e.g. mint, green tea, green tea peach) but early grey is my numbah one!

My bear!

This is the build-a-bear that I forced my bf to make me on my birthday 2 years ago! He is my snuggle muffin. I hold him every night and basically use him as a pillow. I even bring him to my parents when I am going to visit without my bf.
I love him. I am not ashamed.

My swiffer sweeper vac!

Ok, this one I really might not be able to live without.
Me and sweeper vac met one fateful day when I was cleaning my parent's house.

After trying theirs out and being amazed, my dad offered to buy me one for my help. I always swept and then swiffered because the broom didn't do a very good job of getting all the hair I shed. This does the whole job.

Everyone out there. Buy a sweeper vac. Throw away your brooms.
Seriously, go break your broom over your knee and toss it in the garbage. You will never need it again. It will be the best $30 you have ever spent!

Umm before we get to number 4 I'd just like to say God bless the auto-save.

My nook!

I love my nook!
Its so neat being able to just download books whenever you want! That picture on there is just there when its turned off which I thought was so cool when I got it. It filters through a few pictures and it has a couple categories or you can put your own pictures on there.

My new purse

This was another Christmas present this year from my mom.
I was surprised that she picked it out on her own because I really like it. Its usually hit or miss with her.
Its nothing fancy but I heart it!

My 2010 Pin Up girl calendar!

I think its so cute!
When I was in the store looking at it with my friend, this old woman started talking to us about the old original pin up girls and how pictures like these would often be painted on the side of a ship or a plane.
"It was a man's world."

are you getting sick of this yet?

My truffle square thingy

I saw this at a kitchen store in Monterey and I thought it was so cute so I put it up above my sink. Its nicer than staring at blank white wall while I stand and do dishes!
Hooray for no dishwasher.......

My scrappy blocks!

These were my Christmas present this year from Jonathan's (my bf, remember?) sister, Alex!
They are so adorable!
Go check out Alex and the other ladies' craft site if you haven't!
I had them make me some wedding date blocks for my sister-in-law for Christmas and she literally started crying when she saw them. Needless to say I had a win present!

Last but not least:

My bird necklace!

This right here is my favie necklace ever. I pretty much wear it with anything and everything. I cannot count the times that people have thought it was a tattoo on my chest.

and that concludes the random tour of things I own that I think are pretty neat.

I will now leave you with a picture of Guster, my dachshund. Who I miss terribly.


Jonathan in 3D glasses will be coming soon!


  1. Ok. I really like your blog. You make me laugh.

    You and your tea! No joke you would perish without it, I think.

    I want that black. I also will steal that calendar next time I come over.

    I am so glad you like your Scrappy Blocks! They were made with love...and many, many swear words!

  2. Thanks! and thanks for the heads up. I will now begin operation glue-the-calendar-to-the-wall.

    The blocks turned out beautifully! Feel accomplished! You even used the pretty white paper for the letters!

  3. Uhmm ew. That first picture, just ew. I don't want to know what it is. Sorry.

    Mmm tea warms the soul. I love that necklace and the cute scrappy blocks. I have a stuffed dog I sleep with that my sister gave me years ago. It's big and I take it everywhere. I even packed it in my carry on when I went to LA, afraid he would get lost in my real luggage (I've had my luggage lost before and he was inside. not happy).

    Your dog is adorable.

    You must go to LA. It is fabulous. So much to do and it is so much fun! I'm not too new at blogging and comments STILL make my day. No lie.

    So glad you now have a blog! Love it already!

  4. Um.Hi! Alexandria and I are internet BFFs and she said that you were legit...I agree! I love your blog!

  5. OMG... I love it all, Earl Grey is my tea of choice or mint, scrappy blocks--who doesn't like scrappy blocks, tea kettles--God's hot water gift, your purse is gorgeous and that bird necklace must have a twin that wants to come to play at my house--where did you get it? Swiffer-Vacs rule the hardwood (twss).

  6. The necklace was a gift a few years ago actually, from a store in a mall in the Bay Area ( I believe. The store has WAY cute clothes, accessories, etc, but its pretty pricey too.

    BUT I also saw it one time on

    Yep, just looked it up.. Its called the 'Swooping Swallow Neclace' at modcloth! Its on the first page of their most loved accessories :)

    Swiffer-Vac rules my life!!

    <3 the comments!


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