Thursday, December 31, 2009

well, hello there, 2010...

It is oficially new years eve!
Me and the manfriend aren't what you'd call "party animals", nor do I want to be killed by a drunken Chico student so I plan on bringing in 2010 doing the following:

baking these sugar cookies...

a regift from my sister-in-law who got it from one of her students. Thanks kids!

..and possibly eating those See's candies..

reading this book (on my nook)...

which I heard about from Busy Bee Lauren's blog a while ago.
I figure that:
a). she read and liked the Twilight books so we have the same book-taste there 
b). I read The Hunger Games after her recommendation of it and LOVED it
so why not try another recommendation?

I just finished reading Citizen Girl

I gotta say, it was pretty meh. I wouldn't recommend it.

making some oven-fried pork chops for dinner...

This is such a pathetic picture! I swear my dinners aren't lame! Jonathan doesnt like his food to touch.. plus the plates are huge!
Excuse train coming through..... woo-woooooo

Jonathan totally loves them. It's just a recipe I got out of the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book (14th Edition). They're really quick and easy to make too. If anyone cares for the recipe I'd be happy to give it to you.

having a cup of hot tea and a biscotti (or 2!)...

hello, love of my life.
I get my biscotti at Costco. The brand is Nonni's and one side is all dipped in chocolate.

and fine tuning and printing out my resume.
Alex's friend Jil (you know, cupcake tutorial Jil) works at home and her boss is maybe looking to hire someone else to do data entry and stuff at home as well. I am SO hoping she'll consider me!

It would be so ideal and I know I wont get an opportunity like this again! I don't do school or work or anything right now but I feel lately like I need something else in my life.
Pray for me guys!
I realllly, really want this to happen!

oh yeah, and a new years smooch...


I hope you all have a GREAT New Years Eve!
Take lots of pics so I can live vicariously through you!
and stay SAFE.
dd guys. srsly.

Happy New Year folks!
Catch you all in 2010!


  1. You are already a blogging fool and I love it! Be prepared for it to take over your life.

    Guess what? I am staying in tonight! Crazy, right? Yeah I am sick as a freaking dog. Not fun m'friend.

    Call/text as soon as you are done with that book! So then I will know if I need to read it! Also, you should join and contribute to the book blog! Yes!!

    My mother's biscotti rules. Obviously you have never had any. It trumps The Costco's. lol

    Jil is your friend now too! Good luck on the job front!

    Happy New Year! Love ya! And your 'manfriend'!

  2. I love your tea set.... beautiful.

  3. It makes me very sad to say that I don't actually own that tea set (sadface). I saw that picture when I was writing this post and though it was so perfect and pretty so I threw it up instead of taking my own.

    (the image is from


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