Friday, January 15, 2010

bake me a cake.. or a potato...

Sometimes, in life, you don't want a make a big to-do about dinner.

You ask yourself what in the world is tasty and takes virtually no effort. Does something like that even exist?

Then it hits you..


Step 1: Bake your potato.
(aka.. wash some potatoes, stab some holes in them with a fork, and throw them in a 425 degree oven for 45-60 mins ish)

Step 2: While you're potatoes are a-bakin, prepare the toppings!
As you can see I have butter, some fresh bacon, cheese, and some chives.
Skip the sour cream because it is nast. Don't even go there.

Step 3: Observe the potato.
After admiring the baked goodness that is your potato, stab it and make an X on the top so as to make space for the goods.

Step 4: Stick a nice big chunk of butter inside your potato and mix it in.
See that chunk there? That is not enough.
Go big.

Step 5: Load 'er up with cheese! Be generous!
A lot of cheese = a lot of yum.

Step 6: Apply the bacon.
Don't use bacon bits.. fry up the real thing. You won't regret it.

Step 7: Garnish with some chives!
Perhaps I'm imagining it but I think the chives give it a bit of flavor. If nothing else, though, it makes your potato look lovely.

Step 8: The cardinal rule when it comes to baked potatoes...
When in doubt, make a spare!

Step 9:  NOM.


  1. Baked potatoes rule...and so do you!!

  2. That looks delicious!

    But I have to disagree..I LOVE Sour cream and have to put heaps of it on my baked potato. ;)

  3. Dude...make those again and then invite me over, deal? YUM!

    Go big. Yeah pretty sure you KNOW who said that...haha

  4. Mmmm. Our noses may be friends but our mouths will not be bffs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baked potatoes with sour cream on them. & I hate chives. Sad I know. Mmm I could eat one right now...

    P.S. You do rule at life because I have those red and black plates! I had wanted them FOREVER and Vito bought them for me a few Valentine's days ago. Love them!!


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