Monday, January 11, 2010

buttons for all!

I crafted myself a ghetto button.
Grab it if you  me, por favor.

Alternative Name

If you want to center the button on your sidebar, just add < center > (WITHOUT the spaces) at the beginning of the button html and < /center > (WITHOUT the spaces) at the end.

EDIT: I fixed my code so it should actually work now! I tested it on my own page.


  1. I tried to put your button on my blog and I can't!! It isn't working! You know I am an Internet Idiot! Help!!

  2. Your comment was hilar. I like your cute button! It is now on my blog in the TOP spot. Why? Because you are legit.

  3. suhweet! I was totally wanting one and then I just got fed up and made my own. Perhaps I'll get a real one someday.


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