Wednesday, January 27, 2010

girl scouts of shyster-ville...

The boyfriend just called me from work and asked me a question that I wasn't expecting.

"Do you want any girl scout cookies?"

Music to my ears guys.
Music to my ears.
Seeing as I was still in bed and missed his call minutes before, I thanked the Lord for the good sense to call him back right away.

I said something along the likes of "YES!"
(you know, something like that)

When he asked what kind I wanted and I had a momentary brain fart.
I was in girl scouts 10 years ago (for some reason that doesnt seem like all that long ago. I guess its half my life ago) and couldn't really remember the names of the cookies.
He said he would read them to me and I only recognized two.
One of which was Thin Mints.
(aka the only cookie that hasn't had it's name changed).

After doing a little research (for your viewing pleasure),
I discovered that they have pretty much the same cookies but the names have all changed.

For instance:
Caramel Delights? They are now Samoas
Yeah.. because that sounds tasty.

Peanut Butter Patties? not anymore! They are now Tagalongs.

Oh would you like some Shortbread cookies? They couldn't possibly have changed that..
They are now Trefoils!

I mean what the f guys.

I have a theory about this.
They changed the names to confuse everyone into thinking they were all new types so people buy a whole sampler set.
Those girl scouts are crafty.

Well, I've got your number, Girl Scouts of America!

Their "plan" backfired on me! I didn't even get to order all my favorite kinds because I didn't recognize any of the gibberish coming out of my boyfriend's mouth.

I can only imagine what they're charging per box these days.
I'm pretty sure Jonathan will be coming home without some limbs.

I was a girl scout from first to sixth grade.
Let me just say.. my cookie sales were huge.
I used to sell the most (sometimes 2nd most. boo) cookies in my troop every year.
My mom totally took my sheet into work with her at the hospital though so I guess I was a cheater.
Not that everyone else didn't do it too!
Crazy girl scout moms.

I just asked my mom to find some pictures from when I was in girl scouts and scan them and email them to me.

Hopefully I will be having a Girl Scout Extravaganza post.
Starring me. The girl scout.
Old school stylie.

I am now off to make Amanda Leeann a button and listen to Sublime.

Because they are sublime, really.

Who else was in Girl Scouts? Fess up!
When did you quit? ...or did you?


  1. Um...I heart Girl Scout cookies oh so much.
    In fact I buy 3 boxes of Thin Mints every to eat now, one to save for later(usually summer)& one to freeze...Thin Mints are the BEST frozen!

  2. I was never a Girl Scout! Shocker, right?

    However, I am in wicked love with their cookies. Thin Mints are the bomb diggity yo. Truth.

  3. I always wanted to be a girl scout.. :( Sad story. The girls never come to my house anymore but whenever I see them selling outside the market, I stock up!

  4. hahaha too funny! This post really made me want a girl scout cookie. I like the peanut butter ones! Where does your boyfriend work?

  5. I KNOW! What's up with this nonsense?? SO crazy.. and dumb. Get with it, Girl Scouts, GET WITH IT. :D Haha.

    PS. I'm puppy-dog-eying you- I can't wait to see what amazingness my new button will look like! :D

  6. @Chantel.. I love the peanut butter ones too! I had him get those, thin mints, and the lemon ones I remember liking.

    My boyfriend works at a used car dealership in town, selling cars and doing internet stuff for them.

    @Allison.. I'm starting your button soon! Don't worry! I just finished Amanda Leeann's =D

  7. I was a girl scout, I made it all the way (TWSS) to Juniors. Then I quit. I thought there were cooler things to do with my time. I was wrong, now I wish I had all those patches.

    I do love me some girl scout cookies, I never order them though. Shortbread (or whatever they are called now) are probably my favorite. & Thin Mint. Noone makes a better thin mint, for serious.

    x, ash

  8. I was a girl scout for only 1 year. It was fun, but it wasnt that I quit. HA. I'm awesome like that.

    BUT let's be honest those girl scouts are getting rather's probably best I got out when I did. I'm not a good liar...even about cookie names.

  9. Girl Scout cookies are made by two official bakers--Little Brownie and ABC/Interbake. So it all depends on the baker that your GS council uses (and they can switch from year to year). The cookies are similar but not exactly the same. So Little Brownie's Samoa is close to ABC's Caramel Delight. LB's Tagalong=ABC's Peanut Butter Patties. LB's Do-Si-Dos=ABC's Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies. Obviously, LB goes for the more lyrical names and ABC names are more straight forward.

  10. Ah, the truth! I was wondering what all that business was about. I take it that we were using ABC in my day.. or at least my town.

    Thank you for enlightening me!

  11. Mmm girl scout cookies are the death of me. Samoa's are my fav. Hello, caramel. Mmmmmm.

  12. You can sell me cookies anytime. ;-) (Twss)

  13. Oh my gosh I totally freaked out as well when I found out they changed the names!!

    Haha I was a Girl Scout for about 9 years! :) And I LOVED selling cookies.


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