Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just a number...

I was thinking about being 21 today and I realized that since my birthday (in October) I literally have a picture of every single alcoholic drink I have ever ordered.
Which isnt very many mind you.
I just realized I haven't payed for one myself either. hah!

The lemondrop. The first drink I ever had since turning 21 and probably my favorite.

The chocolate cake shot. I might just be an amateur but it took me 3 goes to finish that thing. It was kinda gross too.

The passion colada. yummy!

The mango(?) margarita.
I look strange in this picture

The massive pickly pear (I think) margarita.

yeah. the end. I'm wild.

In case you didn't count, that is a whopping 5.

Most people are all hyped up about turning 21. I would have been perfectly fine staying home like any other night drinking tea. I don't regret not going out and being all crazy. Sushi with my sister was a good a time as I could have asked for.

 My friend picked out her outfit and destination a month prior to her 21st birthday and got her hair cut.

She also ended up blacking out and puking on her friend's car.

Need I say more?


  1. Let's be bff's okay? I've had more to drink than that since my 21st birthday, only because I love wine and we have a glass with dinner a lot. I'm not a big drinker though. It's just not that fun to me to get drunk and all that. I enjoy a yummy drink every once in a while but not on a regular basis. I went to the beach for the weekend for my 21st birthday with my sister and her SIL. They were more drunk then me for my 21st (I was buzzed?) and they thought I was a loser. Whatever, I enjoyed myself more shopping, eating, and laying on the beach. 8)

  2. We can def be bffs! Who needs alcohol to have fun? Not us!

    I'm not big on wine (to the disappointment of my sister), I only like riesling because its sweet and hardly bitter. I'm still going to be drinking sparkling cider on hoildays with all the kids!

    Beach? Shopping? Eating? All weekend? That definitely sounds like an amazing time!

  3. Please at least get wicked drunk with Jil and I at least once. Please!!

  4. Ok. I wrote that and I realized I never drink anymore...but still.

  5. Of course! I havent sworn the stuff off!


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