Monday, January 4, 2010

meet my new friends...

Yesterday I took out my nail polish stash and planned on painting my nails but all my colors were ugly and/or old and dried up. I decided to make a long-time-coming trek to CVS to remedy the situation.
An hour and two sets of rainbow nails later, I had bought 5 new colors!

Allow me to introduce the new members of my nail polish family!

"Hollywood Scarlet"

everyone needs a classic red in their collection. Not too bright, not too dark. Just right.


I was looking for something a little different and after trying a couple different blues out I decided to take this one home!

"Flashy Fuchsia"

pink. everyone needs a girlypink nail polish. Those polishes have a HUGE brush and you can do a whole nail in 1 swipe. I heard about them from my bf's sister a while ago.


I had already headed to the register when this little treasure caught my eye. I'm not sure why I like it so much. Its a very pearly light pink.

"Opulent Cloud"

possibly my favorite. I was headed to the register with a black and traded it out for this. Its a silver-grey with slight hints of brown when its dried on your fingers (as I found out yesterday). Apparently this color was "as seen on RUNWAY". shrug. Weird but I like it.

I opted for "Hollywood Scarlet" for the toes and "Opulent Cloud" for the fingers!

and yes, that is our christmas tree in the background.

Does anyone know a particularily good way to handwash clothes?
Any tips would be appreciated!


  1. I am loving opulent cloud! Yay for fun nail polish, I was just saying how my poor little nails would benefit from a coat or two of some lovely nail polish...

  2. Woah. Gigabite has a smell now? My geekiness is amazed.

  3. The one stroke polish rules. Dude twss. Sorry can't help it!

    Um. Nails and toenails HAVE to match Bastina! My OCD is freaking out!

  4. Love the fuchsia! Bright pink is my go to nail color, though I usually just have my toes painted. I can never keep my finger nails done nicely.


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