Sunday, January 17, 2010

mother-daughter weekend...

My lovely mother came to visit this weekend.
We had a nice girl's-day-out walking around downtown and grabbing a bite of lunch.

Falafely goodness.
At the Pita Pit, incidently.
(No, those aren't burritos)

During our little jaunt about town, I found the jewelry shop where I would like my future engagement ring to be purchased.
They had such beautiful rings!
I'm definitely not a fan of solitaire rings.
I like more vintage looking things.
More intricate, interesting bands and such.
(Kirk's Jewelry downtown. Alex, pass this message along to your brother if he ever decides to take that step!)

When we were on our way to the car we saw the YoYo museum and my mom insisted on going in.
It had a little YoYo section but it was mostly a toy store.
They had a lot of old classic toys that were pretty sweet.
It also had a jewelry section, really cool nick-nacks, and even books and clothes

I TOTALLY almost bought this little gem...

... then I remembered I was 21.

Paper dolls are pretty much the greatest thing ever.
(or in this case magnetic dolls.)
It was 20s, 30's, and 40's themed and had backgrounds too.
I almost regret not getting it.

Needless to say, I am totally going there from now on to buy my bf's niece presents.

... and maybe even other people.
They had some pretty sweet stuff.

My mom was very put-out, however, to find that they didn't have the type of tops she wanted.

Those old-school ones with the string ^
She apparently used to love them as a kid.

After our downtown meandering, we went to Barnes & Noble and browsed for a while.
I will always love going to bookstores.
I get really excited and almost overwhelmed by how much there is to look at and discover.
I could literally spend a whole day at Barnes & Noble and thoroughly enjoy it.

After our browsing session, we finished up our day on the town by doing some grocery shopping for me.
I know, right?

She totally stole half the items in my cart and paid for them.
(picture me eye-rolling fondly at her)

We were planning on making a yummy roast for dinner
my pain in the arse manfriend was starving "now" so we just ordered a pizza and put the roast away for later.
It was pretty lame.

The rest of the night consisted of Jonathan and my mom alternately playing guitar
while I started reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner
which Alex loaned me, among others by that author.
So far I give it 2 thumbs up!

The moral of this tale is:

my mom rocks.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I love it! Your mom DOES rock.. and if comments encourage your boyfriend to get you that ring- I'm HERE! :D

  2. Dude. My stupid intern training meant that I did not get to meet your mom...lame.

    Pita Pit=love.

    Ok, we need to take a drive to said jewelry store so that I can have specifics. Just in case. I will totes be prepared.

    We have a YoYo Museum? Wha?

    Yeah your boyfriend is totes a pain in the arse. And I can say that because he is my brother.

  3. Haha fun! Your mom looks pretty awesome!

  4. Your mom is totes legit. & so are magnet paper dolls. Yay for finding a jeweler!

    What is this Pita Pit you talk about? Sounds like another West Coast gem I'm missing out on. Boo.

  5. We definitely DO have a YoYo Museum.. and it turns out to be awesome.
    ^ THAT is the Pita Pit! I'd never heard of it until I moved here but its pretty darn tasty. Basically its a sandwich place where they just use pitas for bread.

  6. Are things progressing a lot with him towards marriage?

  7. Well, its not something we talk about all the time but I think its what we both want. We do talk about it once in a while and always talk about the future with an "us" and "our". I don't think either of us would be staying together let alone living together if we didn't think that was where this is headed. I'm not exactly in a huge rush to get married or anything, still pretty darn young and all but I would like that to be our future.. hopefully in a couple years! If he were to ask me now though I would say yes.


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