Sunday, January 10, 2010

my wonderful week...

I know I've been MIA for a few days.
My computer was on the fritz and my boyfriend thought it might have a virus so I hadn't even turned it on till yesterday.

My week has consisted of:

1. Going to see Precious with the wonderful Alexandria.

The movie was not wonderful. It was terribly depressing and I don't care to see it ever again. I don't even know how many times my hand flew up to my mouth in shock and horror.

 Hanging out with Alex was good times though, like always! Even when her face is glued to her phone, twittering with all of you sons-of-guns!

2. Lots and lots and lots of reading on my nook. Loving my nook. 

Since books are so easy to come by now, I am reading all the effing time. As it is I've already read 4 books since Christmas. Its pretty great.. and it keeps me from trolling my blog for comments all day long!

3. Snuggling up and watching the first two seasons of True Blood with my manfriend.

After the first couple episodes we were a little skeptical (aka we thought it was totally lame) but it turned out to be pretty good.. or at least entertaining enough. The way they say Sookie's name is pretty great. I like to walk around saying "Sookie, no!". It makes me giggle.

4. Drinking lots of my favorite tea.

and consequently peeing a lot. annoying.

5. Going to see Avatar 3D again (sadly not in imax) with my manfriend and his mom and sister (aka Alex). 

I liked it as much as I did the first time, even though I was cranky and starving this time around.

Then enjoying a lovely meal at Chili's with my manfriend and Alex. Mother-effing Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers rule my life. I had a runny nose the rest of the day from the spicy-ness. Totally worth it. I could eat those bad boys every day. Alex looked at me like I had mental problems when I ordered vegetables instead of fries. Thats how I do.
I totally took that picture by the way.



  1. Computer on the fritz? If it is still acting up, let me know. Alexandria knows how to contact me. Scan for viruses at least. AVG is very good if you don't have antivirus already.

    Avatar rules!

  2. Bah! I am a Twitter addict I know! Sorry, sorry!

    Precious is burned into my brain, I wish we had skipped it. Avatar was LEGIT. As was the meal afterwards...and the epic round of Mario Wii!

    You do have a mental problem. But I still love you.

  3. @sam..
    Thank you very much for the offer to help out but the manfriend is very good at computer stuff. He figured it out. He had me download AVG too!

    Avatar does rule.

    Super Mario Bros. was pretty intense. As was that noise Jonathan made. I thought he was choking for a minute.

    Ah, good ol' Louisiana-ians(..... ?) and their accents.

  4. Um.. that looks DELICIOUS. And you are so right- Alex IS a twitaddict. :D

  5. 1. Avatar does rule. When people say they don't like it I question their sanity.

    2. I'm glad you watched Precious because I did want to see it and now not so much.

    3. I love your blog thing on the side. Owls rule the world. True story.

    4. Alex is addicted to are all the people she talks to on their (me sometimes) it's sad.

  6. I think it is mostly me she is texting or tweeting... but yes. We love her anyways! ;-)

  7. Thanks for calling me a Twitter addict ALL of you! I know it is the truth. Sad times.

    Sam- You are correct it is normally you that I am tweeting and/or texting. True story. lol


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