Wednesday, January 13, 2010

old friends...

This is my bff Emelie.

I have known Emelie since the 4th grade when she transferred to my elementary school.. 12 years or so.
Over half my life.
In 5th grade we officially became bffs.
We had the necklaces, the whole deal.
Every day during 6th grade we would bike to school together and then come back home to my house and watch Recess, Pepper Ann, and Sister Sister.
We have only had one fight ever which was during junior year of high school.
We were totally weird and random together like only the best of friends can be.

Since we graduated high school in 2006, I can count on my fingers the amount of times we have hung out together.

She went to college in the city and I ended up moving 3 hours away with my manfriend in 2008.

Yes, its been a while..
but every time we get together its like picking up where we left off.
no awkward silences..
no growing apart.

There is truly nothing like old friends.



  1. I love having those types of friendships that even distance can't change. You rule at life because of the best friend necklaces AND watched Recess, Pepper Ann, & Sister Sister.

  2. True story! This is me and Fabi all the way!

    She is coming to visit?! Do you really need to ask if me and Jil are down to go out?! Heck to the yes!

  3. Well we have been messaging back and forth for a while and she just mentioned that she doesn't have anything to do till school starts on the 26th so I asked if she wants to come visit! I hope she does!

  4. this isn't about your post but about Earl Grey tea. It is the best tea! Look what I just bought myself when I was buying my friends birthday present. (I bought her the light blue one that says 'tea')

  5. Oh my goodness I LOVE that!! Its so so so super cute!


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