Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rupert and the PAP...

His name is Rupert.
Thats my knee btw.

I think my bf beats me while I sleep.

My parents called me today and offered me a job working for my dad.
He has his own business doing home inspections and they want to get me another phone and have me take calls and schedule his appointments from home.
He said that people seem to prefer talking to a nice female to set up their appointments.

It's kind of perfect since Jil's boss wasn't looking to hire for the time being and I was really hoping to find something to do from home.
It sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

I get to stay home and have an income.
I'll be working for my dad so it'll be a little less stress than a normal job.
I'll have a reason to get up early.
(I actually do want to be productive and wake up earlier.. I just have no reason to do so)
I'll have another phone line paid for by my parents so I can make my long distance calls on... wait what? :)
(another joke people.)

Also, Jonathan actually sounds pretty happy about me working for my dad.
For whatever reason, he didn't particularly want me to get that other at-home job.
Maybe he just likes that it's for my dad as opposed to some random company.
Who knows. I'm happy he supports this though.

I'm going to be going down there in the next couple of weeks so my popsy can give me a phone and discuss what all I need to be doing.
It sounds simple enough though..
Take calls, make appointments, schedule it into his google calendar(?), get paid!

Since I'm going down to the bay area anyway, I scheduled a long-time-coming physical/pap (all kinds of awkward) and a dentist appointment.
I should probably think about getting some doctors that don't live 3 hours away.
But I don't really want to.
I know these people.

... and I'd prefer having only 1 person who has used THIS on me for as long as I can help it.

Yeah, guess where THATS going folks.

I just like to stare off at the corner and avoid eye contact till its all over.
Especially when she starts going to 2nd base (aka checking for "cancer"), and I dont have the luxury of hiding behind my legs.

I'll leave you all with that pleasant image.

*This just in!*
My dad is going to buy me a phone at Verizon right now and he kept asking me what kind I want! 
Guess what he decided to get me?

Thats right. Its a DROID.
and its the good one too.
How Excited am I?
Best. Job. Ever.
and dad!


  1. Wow- I'm in shock after such an event filled post! First off- hit Jonathan for me, because that is NOT a happy knee! Secondly- YAY FOR THAT JOB!! :D Thirdly... I'm kind of embarrassed I have no idea what that does.. and I kind of don't want to ask....

  2. What did you do to your knee? Srsly. I think my brother may really be beating you...I am a mandated reporter remember?!

    Dude. I need to make all of those appointments mentioned above. Effing gyno. Lame.

    Holla! Congrats on the job AND the bitchin' phone! Sa-weet!

  3. I had a bruise like that on my knee a month ago! I slipped and fell onto the hardwood floor.

    And I'd LOVE to have a job like that. It sounds pretty sweet.. especially with that phone!

  4. It looks like a petrified plastic aerodactyl!

  5. Bahaha, is it weird that I find it EXTREMELY hilarious that you posted a picture of that thing?

    I am making all of my lame-o doctors appointments today, ehh.

    I am now even more jealous of you... You have an awesome work from home job AND you are getting a Droid. Lucky :)

  6. HAHAHA! oh man, i laughed so hard when you were talking about going to the doctor! Yeah doctor's appointments like that are so uncomfortable!

    Oh, and congrats on the job! That is so awesome!

    Also, I love the button you made for BBL! It's so adorable! You are really talented. I didn't even know you made that for her until you told me, but that's way awesome!

  7. I love google calendars. They are great!
    Random bruising... you should let the dr. check that too, if they get to go to 2nd base they can check out Rupert.
    I am getting a DROID, in March when my time is up for the Motorola Q I have. Verizon rocks and I love them for being so good to me. I am getting the one that looks like the iPhone. It is lighter and less bulky. At first I wanted the one with the pull out keypad but when you hold them... it seems like too much for me.
    I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  8. I'm so excited for you and your new phone and new job! Woohoo! Does he need another to answer phone calls and schedule appts? I take money and phones for such a service! 8)

    I love you for posting about the duck lips. I'm sorry it is time for your yearly spread 'em appt. I'd say more but I'm pretty sure our convo last night covered it. Haha.

    I flippin love you.


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