Tuesday, January 5, 2010

snuggies and sacks...

busy bee lauren's new post got me thinking about snuggies.

First of all, when did people start actually buying them? I remember it being just a ridiculous commercial and then everyone started getting one. I will admit, however, I would probably be pretty down with one (pink plz!).

Before Snuggies were out, or at least popular, my mom got me something similar for Christmas of 2007. It is a snuggle couch sack or something.. and in theory its wonderful but I think it failed where the Snuggie didn't. I really would wear it if it wasn't so darn embarassing.

Here's a video that my sister took of me coming out with my sack on. I was confused as to what I was looking at when I opened the box and then my mother tells me to go put it on. I didnt actually see what it was till I got to the bathroom to change. Needless to say we were all about shitting ourselves laughing.

"Its a sack. Its a sack walker."
-my dad

"lolololol.... wait.. lol.. what is it?"
-my sister-in-law (it was a pretty valid question imo)

"Can you run in it?"
-my brother

"You could just poo in it and it would just go down to the bottom."
-my dad

"Thats so hot."
-my sister

"You should wear that on your wedding night."
-my sister-in-law

Apparently my mom got one for herself too. It was green.
Solidarity, sister. (or.. mom)

Why Snuggies are superior to this thing:

1. It really does feel like a blanket.. with arms. I hate reaching out of my blanket to get stuff. Trying to hold your book or tea while you read and your arm gets frostbite is no good. The commercial is so right!

2. I'd rather look like a monk in monk garb than a 5 year old in footy pajamas.

3. The couch sack is straight up embarassing to be seen in. I don't even want my bf to see me in it, let alone someone coming over and seeing me laying on the couch with it. In fact I forgot I even had it until I saw Lauren in her Snuggie. If only there was a sexy way to get warm.

4. Maybe you're getting too hot with a blanket on. Maybe you want to put your legs out in the air. Thats not going to happen with the sack.. you just have two little foot holes to work with.

5. Umm.. can you get couch sacks in zebra print?
I think not.



  1. Um, hi, this is hilarious! Major points to you for being willing to share a video and picture of the couch sack! :)

  2. Haha, that is HILARIOUS! You WIN.

  3. Oh Bastina. I am going to try and force you to put this on next time I see you! It is hilarious!

    Maybe I will get you a Snuggie for your birthday!

  4. You are seriously hilarious! You my friend win at life. Hands down. I will not support the snuggie, but I'll support you! Haha.


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