Tuesday, January 19, 2010

today looked like...


with a side of...


and a lot of...


Allow me to elaborate.

Today I decided to tag along on a trip to C-town with Alex.
The rain and wind was so loud around 6 am this morning that I thought we were surely going to die on the drive there.
 But by the time we headed out around noon, it was barely raining and the wind wasn't as bad. Still bad though.

We spent the first while going around to a bunch of fail pharmacies trying to get a prescription filled and finally found one who wasn't out.
I mean how many effing people can need the same medicine at one time.
I ask you.

After all that #pharmacyfail (oh god twitter is taking over), we were pretty darn hungry.
Naturally we ended up at Chili's.
Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers much?

That is around the time we got the news.
The nice waiter came to our table and we decide to waste no time and order our Crispers.
I order mine first, with-veggies-not-fries-plz, and then Alex goes to order her Honey Chipotle Chicken Crisper tacos.
That is when the waiter dropped the bomb.
APPARENTLY they have taken the tacos off the menu and you can no longer order them.
He was instructed not to take them as an order anymore.

It was around this time that Alex started to cry.
Ok, maybe not actually but she looked like she might start any second. Thats when I went into operation "makehersomeeffinghoneychipotlechickencrispertacos" mode.
I informed this clearly misinformed man that we had just ordered them last week and how could he just tell us no like that.
I then added that the woman who sat us, "Nicole", was the one who took the order!
He looked at my tearful lunch-mate and said he would go talk to the kitchen and see if they could do it.

In the end, we victoried.
But it was a small victory for Alex because apparently the 25th is the LAST day that they will allow anyone to order it.
New menu's incoming!

After our moderately depressing late lunch, we did a couple more errands then drove on back to my apartment where hilarity ensued.
I'm talking serious hilarity.

I made some peanut Butter Blossom cookies

aka, "anal balls".
(they were dubbed "anal balls" after I said something along the lines of, "I just need to hurry up. I am way too anal about my balls" when I was rolling the cookies into perfectly shaped, even balls.)

Contrary to what our charming nickname might suggest, the anal balls turned out quite delicious.

As I was making the cookies, I was playing 21 questions: Mormon* edition with Sam via text via Alex.
While I respect his beliefs and practices, I can say I will not be joining the Mormon* community anytime soon.

Its kind of hard to explain what went down next but it was hilarious.
Maybe we were on a sugar high from the anal balls, I don't know.

We spent some time giggling and staring into each other's love canals.
Access was granted.

#lovecanal "I'll peep yours if you peep mine!"

Today rocked.

Even if the weather didn't.

I heart you Alex!


  1. Technically, it is spelled Mormon, but if you want more-man in your life, who is to blame you? ;)

    Also, it is snowing here.


  2. Oh my stars! I love this post. I also know you are going to freak that you misspelled 'Mormon'! I know how much you hate when you spell things incorrectly!

    Stupid Chili's. Srsly. We should go back every single day until the 25th. Sad.

    Love Canal access was totes granted.

    Sookie, NO! Amen.

  3. What?! I'm horribly saddened I just heard of these yummy tacos and they are going away!? I need to go there between now and the 25th, it has been decided.

    Mmm your anal balls look scrumptious. ;)

  4. Ah! I LOVE anal balls.. I don't CALL them that, but I eat them and they are DELICIOUS! :D


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