Saturday, February 27, 2010

all aboard the failboat... literally...

So I have been a bit lot MIA lately.

Me and my blog are just taking some time apart.
Hopefully I'll be posting more frequently again.

I'm still having blah days at home.. I think thats reason #1 why I want a kitten so bad.
I just need something going on during the day.

I did finally get my DROID (yay!) though so hopefully I'll be starting working for my dad real soon.
That would be something going on.

and on the kitten front, Jonathan said he'd make up his mind by this weekend.
But since he works Tuesday through Saturday his "weekend" is Sunday-Monday.
Soooo I'm assuming he'll draw it out until Monday.
We shall see!

Back to the DROID!

I tweaked the lighting because I was texting Alex some top secret messages.. and I crossed out her last name so you creepers can't stalk her :)

My parents know me well.. notice the pink edges around that first picture?
Thats right, they bought me a pink cover!
Without any input from me.
Who is a happy girl?

That would be meee!

Last but not least, my knitting projects.
What to say about my knitting..

I like it still, very much.
I was sitting on the couch the other night knitting and when the pizza delivery guy came to the door I hid it so he didn't think I was a crazy knitting fool.
I'm really not that ashamed though.
I am a granny in training.
Or a crazy cat lady in training.
Take your pick.

As for the potholder thing I was making, I kind of brought the fail to it.
It was actually going pretty well for the first almost-half and I was feeling pretty good.
But THEN I noticed my pattern disappearing.
I had somehow (apparently I repeated the same row twice) managed to flip the stitch to the opposite side.
I read some forums though (yeah, I read knitting forums. Love me.) and figured out what I had done wrong and got my pattern back on track!

Unfortunately the damage was already done and I wasn't down with going back to fix it.
So I have a block of nothingness on my potholder dealy.

I have decided to take it as a learning experience.
At least in the future I will know what to do if I "lose" my pattern again.

So anyway, please witness the fail that is my potholder.. or more like.. hotpad. Or whatever you'd call it?
Isn't it great?
Yeah, thats because I didn't actually knit this one.
This is the picture of what it's SUPPOSED to look like.

and this is what mine looks like. 
Don't worry, I facepalmed.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I mysteriously added stitches during the process.
When I figured this out and how/why I was doing it I decided to make it the correct number again.
Needless to say, that is why it is thinner at the top.

You can see a boat, right?

After that monstrosity, I decided to do a scarf and practice my color switching.

Its about 2 and a half times as long now.
Yes, thats how long I have been putting off this post.

Its actually going pretty well though.
Not that I'd wear it because it's kinda lame and not soft
I'm practicing!
and I think its looking pretty good.

I need to invest in some more supplies.
I already have a set of needles that I'd like if I continue to knit.
Its like $60-$75 but it comes with 9 sets of needles (all different sizes) and some other goodies.
I don't think I'll want to wait for my birthday.
I'll probably end up asking Jonathan to get them for me.

Anyhow, enough about knitting!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!



  1. I totally can see the boat! :) You are doing an awesome job knitting. Loving the scarf! And I hope you get a kitten and then post lots of pics :)

  2. i can see the boat =] and let me just tell you, knitting scares me. i crochet. that's it. so props to you!

    i hope you get a kitten! but let me warn you, they grow up. i love my kitty very much [i feel a blog post coming on] but she grew from fitting in the palm of my dad's hand to weighing 14.4 pounds. just saying, lol.

    keep us updated!

  3. You slay me. No lies.

    Thank you for hiding my last name. I don't need any creepy internet stalkers. Word.

    Um I totally see the boat. You rocked that pattern ( maybe 'rock' isn't the proper word, but 'A' for effort)!

    I actually hope my jerky brother lets you get a kitten! Srsly.

  4. Love your new phone. & I totally see your boat!

    It's Monday & I hope today is the day you find out that you are getting a precious furbaby!

  5. go girl, go! you are awesome and you will perfect it one day. xoxo


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