Saturday, February 6, 2010

book review: good in bed/certain girls...

I just recently finished reading Good in Bed and Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.
They're both written by the same author as Little Earthquakes which I loved.

Good in Bed is about a reporter named Cannie (Candace) who finds out that her ex boyfriend, Bruce, has written an article in a magazine about their ex-sex life together called, "Loving a Larger Woman".
The underlying theme throughout the whole book is her struggling with her body image as well as being apart from Bruce.
There are a ton of new developments and surprises in the book but it's hard to say much without giving a lot of the story away.

Although I did end up liking the book, it took me quite a while to get into it like I normally do.
I would still recommend reading it though.

... and contrary to the name, its really not that much about sex.
Good in Bed is the name of the magazine feature that Bruce writes.

Certain Girls is the follow-up book to Good in Bed.

Its basically about Cannie's life, many years later, and is written from her and her daughter's point of view, alternating every chapter.
Its about love and loss and family.
It is about not wanting to let go of your little girl even though she's growing up.

I kinda loved it.

Towards the end I was straight up crying my eyes out on the couch.
Like, almost sobbing.
If my boyfriend hadn't been playing a shooter and talking on Ventrilo, he'd have been asking what the heck was wrong with me.
No joke.

I definitely would recommend reading Certain girls and Good in Bed too, if only just to have the background story for the second book.
I hope to read more books by Jennifer Weiner in the future.
(Alex I'm going to be raiding your bookshelf!)

This will probably be my last post until next weekend since I'll be down at my parents' and kind of busy.

Have a safe weekend and a great week everyone!
I hope to come back with many pictures and stories!



  1. I love both of these books. I actually liked 'Good in Bed' more though.

    You may borrow any of my books whenever you would like! My bookshelf, is your bookshelf!

  2. I totally thought I commented... I guess not! I haven't read these books- but now that you recommended, they're on my list! :D

  3. I'll be adding these too my list.

    Hope you enjoy your week at your parentals!

  4. oh i love book reviews! i will have to read both of those! your blog is so fun!


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