Friday, February 5, 2010

my brother makes me laugh...

Friday is finally here! 
Not that it really makes a difference for me since I don't actually have to do anything during the week..
but it usually means that the manfriend will be here during the day, which makes me happy.
But this Friday means that it is closer to Sunday which means I am going to be down in the Bay Area with the fam (and manfriend too now :]) and that I will be receiving my DROID!
and then I'll have to learn what the heck I need to do for my dad exactly.
I'm actually looking forward to it though!

Not so much the doctor's and dentist appointment...

I just got this eCard from my brother that made me laugh.
And be a little creeped out. 
He is such a weirdo. For reals.
That is why we love him.

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and yes, that is his face on every single guy.

Annnnnnyway, I'm off to go watch Project Runway

I seriously, seriously, love that show.
Ever since I stumbled upon the first season.
I've never looked back.
They really fail for having the new episodes at 10 pm though.
I was going to watch it last night but Jonathan wanted to go to bed and watch a movie.
I had to make my choice, sorry Project Runway.

Until later my blog lovies!


  1. That is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love love that is face is on every guy. SO FUNNY! Tell Jonathan that he's awesome. :D

  2. Thats my brother not my boyfriend =P.. Jonathan is Alex's brother :)

    It really is hilarious though. My brother is special. For real.

  3. I thought I commented on this. What the freak?

    This is awesome. Like epically awesome. I want to be bff's with your brother.

  4. OOOOoohh.. wow. I feel dumb. No WONDER his face didn't really look like the one's I've seen of Jonathan- they're not the same guy! :D


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