Sunday, February 21, 2010

of all the hobbies I could have chosen...

So I really am losing my mind, I think.
It was bad enough that I started lusting (in a totally non-sexual way, creepers) after a kitten but now I have started 

The end of last week weren't very good days for me.
I was feeling very lonely and bored and just not in a good place.
I'm usually ok being home and filling my time with whatever, but the computer hasn't really been doing it for me lately and I realized I needed to get an effing hobby.

I started brainstorming yesterday and I decided to look up knitting, of all things.

I found a site with videos and patterns, from basic to more intricate stuff, and it actually looked kind of fun so I said why the heck not!

So today I went to town all by my lonesome (because Jonathan was being a son-of-a-gun) and picked out a few sets of needles and some yarn and came home and started up!

I decided to make this for my first project:
Its just a silly little sailboat potholder but I figure that its easy and I could actually use it no matter how lame it turns out.
I somehow added 3 extra rows to the length of it but I think it might end up looking ok.. maybe.
Hopefully the boat will still look like a boat and I haven't warped the pattern all crazy!

Its a good way to pass the time and its actually not too hard.
Hopefully it will keep me going through the days when I start feeling extremely bored and just blah.

I've done like.. 12 rows of it so far.
You can start to see the boat!
(Hopefully my little fingies will survive.. they already kind of hurt)
I'll post a picture of the completed product when I finish and we shall evaluate my future as a knitter!

What is happening to me? 
Kitty craze?
Do I smell a crazy cat lady?

Speaking of which, I have got to post this picture of these kittens because I am in love.
They have got to be the cutest things I have ever seen.

Hope with me that Jonathan lets me get oneeeeeee!

and thanks for the feedback about cats everyone!
I heart you all!


  1. Yeah I for sure am getting the whiff of a future crazy cat lady!

    Of all the things you pick kniting? You are hilarious.

    You should have taken up scrapping!

    Yay! For your pot holder!

  2. i love how the kitten on the far right has its head on the wrong way round.

  3. As much as I would like to brag about my animal loving side.... it has failed lately. I am tired of the cat puke, and the flecks of dried cat shit that falls off their ass hair and the smell of the litter box and the HAIR EVERYWHERE. They are cute and cuddly and they are a good friend and cats are easier to care for than dogs and they don't bark and they are warm on your lap....and actually cleaner than a dog....
    I don't even know where I was going with that. Bwahahaha
    We have 2 nearly dead cats and a 3 year old Golden Retriever. Our oldest cat is 17 1/2 so be ready to have your baby for awhile(when you get her/him)!


  4. oh yeah.... you were talking about knitting.
    I took up knitting, I wanted to make a homemade blanket for my nephew. Two toned and beautiful yarn. about 1/3 of the way done I stopped, put it in a tub and I haven't touched it since. He just turned 7 the other day.....


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