Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh haiii Mr. Skarsgård...

Ok, so 2 posts in one day might be a bit much but there wasn't much to my last one.
I love how my mom didn't even wait 5 minutes to call my boyfriend and ask him herself.
Thanks for letting me handle it, mother.

Right now in Christina-ville, as I like to call my apartment (starting now), dinner is simmering on the stove in a dutch oven and I am about to bust out my sweet Swiffer-Sweeper-Vac-goodness to do a number on the floors.

and I will have you know, dutch ovens are really f-ing heavy.
That sucker is anchored to the stove until there is no longer food inside.
Or Jonathan will have to do the heavy lifting when he gets home because my noodle arms aren't going to cut it.

For all of you Vampire Eric (aka Alexander Skarsgård) fans out there, me and the manfriend have discovered another show he's in called Generation Kill.

Oh, haiii!

Its actually a mini-series with 7 parts that was on HBO last year and me and the boyfriend are loving it. Very much. 
Its a true story on these marines' experiences in Iraq.
There are some alarming situations in it, which I guess are just some ugly truths about the war.

Anyway, I am officially a Skarsgård fan.
He's kind of hot. Yes.
I'm not usually a fan of blonde guys.. like at all.
He will be my exception. 
I think the fact that he is so gigantic and buff really helps negate the blondeness.
His head looks a little small for his neck and body in some pics but we will ignore that.

Sometimes when I'm seeing someone on tv, all thats happening is that my brain is registering who that person is and what I know them from. 
So I'm not actually taking them in with my eyes. 
Just acknowledging who they are.
Does that make sense?
I think my brain is broken.. or slow.
The important thing here is that I have seen the light....
even if it took 2 seasons of True Blood, 6 parts of Generation Kill, 2 interview videos, and a google image session.
I got there.

GAh! This post is all over the place!

Before I forget, I need to tell you all the words of wisdom Jonathan and Alex's niece gave me.

Let me paint you a picture.
We were all sitting down at the dinner table, Alex was across from me, Jonathan on my right and little Jordan was on my left.

She was taking my ponytail and smoothing it onto my left shoulder  while conversing with Jonathan and myself.
After a minute of doing this and when everyone was quiet, she was still smoothing my ponytail as she said, very matter-of-factly,

"Things will come, Christina. Things will come"

Everyone cracked up, Alex TWSSed, it was pretty hilarious.
I had my own little fortune cookie sitting next to me.
She is very wise for a 4 year old.


  1. I love vampire Eric BIG TIME! I just found out he was in Generation Kill last week... I must watch it now because he is smoking hot!

  2. Um. Vampire Eric is hottspice. He looks even hotter in Generation Kill...I think I need that show in my life.

    Oh, Jordan. She is a personal fortune cookie...and an inadvertant fabulous twss-er!


  3. AWwww, Jordan sounds precious! (I don't even know why I used that word.. it usually brings up thoughts of "dahhling" and such. And I'm NOT that kind of person. Wow.)

    After THAT rambling... Eric is (as Alex puts it) HOTTSPICE!! Nice choices!

  4. vampire eric makes my life.

    he is the hotness.

  5. bahahahaha that is hilarious.

    Mmm Vamp Eric slays my soul. I need to watch that show because those pics? I may or may not have drooled.. something about a man in uniform. Mmmm.

  6. I think Alex is kinda hot like you, but then again, I haven't watched a complete season of True Blood or Generation Kill.

    Isn't Kellan Lutz from Twilight in Generation Kill as well? I thought I had heard that....

  7. What a fine specimen. I especially love him as Eric on True Blood...

  8. LOL.. things will come.. so cute

    I love your blog and that you used "delightful" to describe your comments.. What a pleasant adjective! Ok I'm a nerd and tired so ignore me.. :p


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