Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh, mother...

This is what just took place in the last 5 minutes regarding my upcoming journey to the Bay Area.

*ring ring* ("and when I see you, I really seeee you upside down" name that song!)
Me: Hello?
Mom: Hi. So you're driving yourself down? Why isn't Johnny bringing you anymore?
Me: I don't know. Its my car.
Mom: Oh K. Well, your father was really looking forward to spending a couple hours with him working on his website. I was going to make a nice lasagna for when he got here.
Me: Welll..... I can talk to him and see if he'll drive me I guess.
Mom: Ok, please do. He really wants to get the website all finished and change some things. Its hard to do it over the phone.
Me: Ok, well, I'll talk to him.


Jonathan: Hey
Me: Hey, are you busy?
Jonathan: Not really, whats up?
Me: blahblahblahmydadswebsitedriveme?
Jonathan: What day are you going?
Me: Saturday.
Jonathan: Well I work Saturdays now.
Me: Ok, so Sunday then?
Jonathan: Alright, well I'll... wait I gotta go, I've got another call.
Me: K. love you
Jonathan: Oh, its... your mom.



  1. This makes me laugh. I bet my brother was thrilled! Haha!

  2. FACEPALM. I love it- your boyfriend and your parents are hilarious!

  3. So, I kinda love you and your blog and I've only read 2 posts! Saw you created Kellie's button so that's how I stumbled here :) And I love your owl in your header!

  4. Can I just say...Story. Of. My. Life. Its good to that others have to do the occasional FACEPALM in re guards to their mothers.


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