Monday, February 1, 2010

right in the eyeball...

Hello there, February!
This is probably my favorite month picture.
My birthday month (October) totally sucks.

The past few days, maybe the whole week, I've been feeling kind of meh about the computer.
Which is why I've been kind of MIA for comments and stuff lately.
I haven't really been in the mood to sit at the computer and read tons of blog posts.
Not that you all aren't amazing and entertaining.
I just haven't had the patience to sit myself down and read.
Hopefully I'll kick back into gear soon.

On to today's "adventure"...
The D-H household has been seriously tapped out on food this last week so I finally set out for the grocery store.
Jonathan decided to be worthless and lazy and stay at home.
so I said, "who needs him!" and went off to the store on my own.

Besides a couple heavy objects, such as a case of water, I was doing just fine on my own.
Trying to be thoughtful about what we both like and what I would be getting if we were both there.

By the time I was ready to go to the checkout line, my cart looked something like this:


When it was time for me to put my stuff on the conveyor, I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. 
I had a massive cart full of items and I had like 3 or 4 people with not even half as many items behind me. 

As I was stacking my stuff (heaviest to lightest) on the checkout, I started getting really, REALLY, embarrassed.
It wouldn't have been so bad if any of the people behind me had been talking but it was total silence.

I could feel their judgmental eyes on me as I went back and forth from my cart to the conveyor putting more and more items up.
They had time to inspect every single item I had in my cart.
and me. 
I literally started sweating.
I had to take off my scarf and shove it in my purse.

I avoided all eye-contact and bit my lip through it.
I just couldn't put it all up fast enough.

When I finally got it all up and paid for, phase 2 of my torture session commenced as I started to bag my groceries.

They don't have bag boys at grocery stores here, just 2 lanes which they alternate so you have time (in theory) to bag your own items.

Normally I wait to pay while Jonathan goes and starts bagging everything.. but I was on my own today.
So I was left to try to pack everything with the quickness so the people behind me could use my lane in a timely manner.

Needless to say, there was a little bit of a hold up. 
I think 3 other people had paid by the time I had finished bagging everything.

As I put the last bag in my cart, I thanked God I was done and I wheeled myself, cheeks blazing, outside to the car.
Which was freezing, by the way, since I had taken off my scarf.

It was about this time that I decided I am never going grocery shopping without the manfriend again. 
At least not for a complete restocking of the goods.

I have also decided that whoever's idea is was to not have baggers in a grocery store should be punched in the eyeball.
That is all.


  1. oh my. that sounds like something that would trip me up so bad. I get really frustrated with stuff like that. I feel like everyone is just STARING at me, their eyes looking straight through me. umm I felt totally awkward as I read this.

    Never go alone again. KAY?

    haha Love it.

  2. Hi. This is hilarious. I bet all of those staring judgemental people wanted to shank you for your grocery excess.

    I kid, I kid. I really wish I was there to bear witness to this epic tale.

    I freaking hate bagging my own groceries. No joke. Stupid WinCo.

  3. BARE** Goodness what a freaking failure.

  4. I find it better to leave the boyfriend at home when I go grocery shopping. Mostly because he is like a kid and starts throwing all kinds of random stuff into the cart and by the time we are done there is no telling what we are getting.

  5. As a single gal who live alone, I often feel like this at the grocery store. I can never seem to have the perfect, normal amount in my cart. It is either a cart full (for just me!) or like 5 Lean Cuisines and a bottle of wine. Like seriously, I'm not sure which looks more pathetic!

    As for not having bags, I want to shank someone for you! That is lame.

    x, ash

  6. That grocery store fails.

    So what have you been up to instead of reading blogs?

  7. Its all grocery stores in this area. When I moved I was like what the heck is going on here?

    I've just been reading books a little more, cleaning the apartment at night more, watching shows with my boyfriend, actually watching some tv, painting my nails, going to bed earlier. Nothing all that exciting.

  8. I don't shop without Will. Period. Once I Grocery shopped and then forgot that I went and totally left it all out in the lie. Who is that lame???
    This post made me laugh but I also feel your pain!


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