Tuesday, March 30, 2010

epic trip of epic proportion: day 2...

SO lets just ignore that I am full of empty promises.
This post was supposed to be days ago.

The Epic San Francisco Trip of Epicness.
Day 2

We started the day off right... with Irish Coffees.
Way too strong Irish coffees that I didn't want to finish but we were eating at the supposed "birthplace of the Irish Coffee" so how could I not?

Transportationnnnnnn toooooo........

The gay district!
Where we did some store browsing before we went to our 2:30 brunch reservation

Gay porn shop.
Need I say more?

Get it Alex!

Here is a little taste of our Lime experience.

First round of shots (thanks Ashton!)

Working on our bottomless drinks.

Ummm by this point I was straight up can't-walk straight, thought-I-was-going-to-miss-the-toilet-and-land-on-the-floor-drunk. 
(Please note: I still had the good sense to put a cover on the toilet seat before I sat)
That 5th shot might have been a mistake.
Did I mention it was 3 in the afternoon?

You can read about this poor little olive HERE at Lovely Lauren Leigh's blog.

Do I need to explain?

Trying to walk it off

I was so drunk.

Clearly still drunk

A beautiful shirt that I think Lauren should have bought. 
Its a good look.

We had just been seriously making fun of this belt but it really wasn't so bad.


This was more just a picture look at our day two.. which basically just consisted of us being very drunk very early in the afternoon.
I was pretty surprised that I didn't vom because this was the drunkest I have ever been.

Read Alex's post about day 2 because it is really cute and way better than this one.

 you ladies!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

epic trip of epic proportion: day 1...

As some of you may have already read by now, AlexLaurenAshtonVanessa, and myself just got back from a fantastic San Francisco blogger date!
Thats right, I met these amazing ladies up close and personal.
We also had a little rendezvous with The Daughter (who was absolutely lovely as well) and needless to say, we had good times.

I don't even think I can begin to cover the whole trip in words so I will just do a 2 part picture tutorial.
You will probably be hearing this from all of us so try not to get sick of it.
They'll probably write more than me anyway.


I now present to you:
The Epic San Francisco Trip of Epicness.
Day 1
DISCLAIMER: Ladies, you had a chance to veto these pictures!

So.. day 1 (I'm the stripey one)
Yeah, we didn't know where we were going.

What has this world come to that 3 out of 5 ladies could be standing on a street corner at 8 am on their smartphones looking at their GPS. 
Yeah, we didn't know where we were going and we had a breakfast date to keep.
We had to bring out the big guns.

I realize that I grew up in Cali and have probably been to San Fran a hundred times but I've never really roamed the streets freely, nor have I been there in 3 years.
So I wasn't all that much help.

Don't worry, we made it.

After breakfast, we took a stroll all through Chinatown.
We actually saw a car commercial being filmed, fog machine and all.
If you see a dark grey (and possibly a black) Mustang in Chinatown on a commercial, think of us.
We were totally there.

If you look realllly hard you can see the fog and the car about to bust through it for the commercial.

Yes, it's because of the bangs.

Creepy coconut head.
There was a girl face on one side and a boy face on the other.

The fail that was the Chinatown gate.
Lauren and Ashton were expecting some glorious, huge, red and gold thing.
They were sadly disappointed.

Luckily Ashton found some adorable shoes to buy nearby to ease the pain of disappointment.
Which was lucky because she was about to bust out her Sharp.


After Chinatown, we took the first cable car of the trip and went down to Ghirardelli Square for an afternoon tea date we had.

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather while we were there.
I was expecting it to be chilly the whole time we were there but it was beyond perfect.

This tea place was beyond adorable.
If you're going to San Fran, I suggest making a tea date.

Why yes, that is me looking awkward.
I think I was looking to see what Alex was taking a picture of.

(Ashton, Vanessa, Lauren)

Possibly the most epic picture ever.
Someone wasn't aware they were supposed to be posing for a picture.
Ashton, I can't help but laugh every time I see this.

After our teatime we were planning on going right back to the hotel for napsies pretty much but Ashton and Lauren decided to have an impromptu wine tasting.

They ended up joining the wine club while Alex, Vanessa, and I sat outside in the beautiful sun.

I can't speak for the others but I was pretty much about to pass out all day.
I hadn't slept all week and we got less than 4 hours the night before.

Random day 1 pics
I love this picture of Lauren and Alex.
Way cute.


That is basically-ish all of day 1 events that we have picture evidence of.
Believe me when I say day 2 was way more epic.
I'll post that in a day or two.