Wednesday, March 10, 2010

busy me & a tragedy in tard-town...

Tragedy has struck today.
Our plate has a chip in it.
Its our first chipped dish ever.
We haven't even broken a glass or anything either.
(I'm finding some wood right now)

Now THAT is something to be sad about. Just sayin'.

As promised, here are my finished knitting projects thus far.
Since the potholder of fail, that is.
I won't be posting that picture again.

The Scarf
I was really just practicing my stitches and switching colors.
Its as long as my whole arm span (aka as tall as me).
I don't have a tapestry needle so I haven't done away with all the extra string on the ends yet.

The (half) Hat
I didn't actually have the proper size needle to make this so I ended up using one 4.5 sizes smaller.
I really just wanted to practice more.
So yeah, it doesn't have a back.
Not too shabby though, if I do say so myself!

Yeah, I went there.
Where, you ask?
To tard-town my friends.

I KIND of look like I have down syndrome in this picture.
and fat baby face.
I have neither.

Well ok, maybe a little of both.
But nothing to the degree that picture suggests.

Anyway, thats me wearing my half-hat in tard-town.
Its more like a bonnet, as it were.

I plan on making this one I get all my new goodies:

Why yes, it is going to be epic.

I am leaving you all again.
This will most likely be my last post for over a week.

My dad called today with an urgent request for me to come down and enter a bunch of data onto his laptop for him.
He does home inspections and the program he used to do his reports is on the fritz or something so he's just switching to his laptop. 

$100 for gas to drive down and 4-5 days of work at $15 an hour? 
I'll take it!

So I'm leaving on Friday and then next Thursday to Sunday I have a hot date with a few ladies.
More about that later!
THAT will be an epic post.

Since I'm leaving town, I'll be gone for the day my knitting delivery gets here too.
Also a tragedy.

Maybe I'll have Alex bring it when she drives down for our SF trip of wonderful-ness...

Well, this is goodbye until next next week.
I heart you all.
I can't believe 29 of you found me entertaining enough to read/follow my blog.
You people really are the best!



  1. you are a knitting storm! I love it. & tragedy about your chipped dish for real. I hate that! It makes me so sad :(

    Can't wait for SF goodness!

  2. I hate to break it to you, but I don't think there will be time for knitting in SF. Unless of course you want to try knitting under the influence...

    You should do a giveaway with something you knitted, I personally think that would be awesome!

    I can't wait!!!

  3. bahaha tard-town. that is good stuff. you are a delight and i love that hat. i want one! hehe ♥

  4. Teach me how to knit! Ha! I have no talents.
    And I basically live in tard-town so.. welcome.

  5. Helllloooo hot date in 2 days!

    I have those plates and I love them. The end.


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