Tuesday, March 30, 2010

epic trip of epic proportion: day 2...

SO lets just ignore that I am full of empty promises.
This post was supposed to be days ago.

The Epic San Francisco Trip of Epicness.
Day 2

We started the day off right... with Irish Coffees.
Way too strong Irish coffees that I didn't want to finish but we were eating at the supposed "birthplace of the Irish Coffee" so how could I not?

Transportationnnnnnn toooooo........

The gay district!
Where we did some store browsing before we went to our 2:30 brunch reservation

Gay porn shop.
Need I say more?

Get it Alex!

Here is a little taste of our Lime experience.

First round of shots (thanks Ashton!)

Working on our bottomless drinks.

Ummm by this point I was straight up can't-walk straight, thought-I-was-going-to-miss-the-toilet-and-land-on-the-floor-drunk. 
(Please note: I still had the good sense to put a cover on the toilet seat before I sat)
That 5th shot might have been a mistake.
Did I mention it was 3 in the afternoon?

You can read about this poor little olive HERE at Lovely Lauren Leigh's blog.

Do I need to explain?

Trying to walk it off

I was so drunk.

Clearly still drunk

A beautiful shirt that I think Lauren should have bought. 
Its a good look.

We had just been seriously making fun of this belt but it really wasn't so bad.


This was more just a picture look at our day two.. which basically just consisted of us being very drunk very early in the afternoon.
I was pretty surprised that I didn't vom because this was the drunkest I have ever been.

Read Alex's post about day 2 because it is really cute and way better than this one.

 you ladies!


  1. Those irish coffees WERE really strong, especially for a morning time beverage.

    Love you!! And I am also surprised you didn't vom.

    Why didn't I buy the belly shirt? Oh, because it was fug bahaha

  2. I love you. & San Fran. & totally inappropriate pictures with a wooden penis and bathing suit models.

    Those coffees were absurd, but you can't go and not have one.

    You were a champ, I'm glad you didn't vom & I got to hold your hand. Haha.

    Looooove you!!

  3. Dude those irish coffees smelt strong. No thank you!

    I am glad you didn't vom. You totes rallied! Those videos make me miss Lime like Jordan misses Disneyland.

  4. I think that I would love "drunk" you!!


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