Monday, March 8, 2010

happy day/things that make me rage...

So the this post title may seem like an oxymoron (thats kind of the word I want right?) but that is howiroll.
At least right now.

Today was Jonathan's last day off and tomorrow he is back to work.
Tuesdays are like the beginning of the week for me and Saturdays are the end.
Back to another week home alone (sad).
(Disclaimer: I realize how lucky I am to not have to work and stuff but it still gets lonely sometimes. I am not ungrateful though! My manfriend is a saint!)

Today I finally broke down and ordered the needle set that I've been eyeballing since I started knitting.
I am SO excited.
It might be a little sad how excited I am, actually, considering its a set of needles for my KNITTING.
Hello, you're 21 Christina.
I like it.

(If you're way over hearing about my knitting, scroll down to the "things that make me rage" list.)

The set has 9 pairs of circular needle tips, 4 cables that you can attach to whatever size needle you're working with, and a case with a couple accessories.

and look how sweet the look too!
They are:

Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Set

by Knit Picks
I have been completely in love for weeks now but I couldn't justify spending $75 on it.
Jonathan is the reason I finally broke down and ordered it today.
He was actually really supportive and kept telling me to just get it now if I'm going to keep knitting.
When I handed him a calculator of the total, to see if it was ok still, he said, "Its fine! Order it! Order some yarn too."
I heart him!

So in 5-10 business days it shall be here! 
Hopefully closer to 5 days.

And now on to the RAGE.

Here is my list of 5 things that make me rage.
As silly and irrational as they might sound, whenever one of the following happens I want to punch something and/or scream.

1. When my toothpaste falls off my toothbrush as I am screwing the lid back on the tube with my other hand. This happens ALL THE TIME. It makes me crazy

2. When I accidentally touch/nudge the cans/water bottles sitting on our tiny space of a counter for recycles and they domino.

3. When I am doing laundry and something that was just washed or dried falls on the floor. Particularly my underwear. I do laundry at Jonathan's mom's house and the washer and dryer are actually located outside in a little building. The ground is not clean. Sometimes it is wet from the rain. And spider-webby. And dirt-y. This seriously makes me rage. I get so grossed out and annoyed.

4. When I get hot pink nail polish on my new jeans.

5. When I get woken up at 7 AM (!?!?!?!) by my boyfriend, who is still up from the night before, btw, talking loudly to his friends on Ventrilo as he plays a shooter. This only happened once but let me tell you, I was PISSED. He had been super loud and yelling into his mic all night but I had finally gotten into a solid sleep (rather than almost being asleep but getting woken up again by his loud talking/yelling). After I had given him a piece of my mind and gone back to bed, he didn't say another word on Ventrilo and was in bed within 5 minutes. We're lucky no one actually got punched in this instance.


  1. Ooh, I'm so excited for you with knitting! You'll be sure to post any projects? ;D And I TOTALLY know what you mean about the toothpaste falling off... SO ANNOYING!

  2. I HATE when my tooth paste falls off! Drives me bonkers!

    YAY for your new knitting needles!

  3. I surely hope you are knitting something fabulous for me :) I suck at knitting, I think I need to try it again.

    Um, I am always pissed when I am woken up for lame reasons, no worries.


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