Thursday, March 4, 2010

merry march!

I'm a little late on the March calendar notification.

Even more proof that I have been failing at my blog lately.
I just feel like, more than ever, nothing is going on with me.

Hopefully this month brings:
1. My official start of working for my dad. It sounds like it's actually going to happen very soon.
2. Lots of car sales for Jonathan so we can be rollin' in it!
3. A kitten! Jonathan definitely isn't saying no but he isn't saying yes or giving me a time when we can get one. I think he really wants to get me one (he's catching on that I've been having a not so great couple weeks at home, I think) but he doesn't necessarily want us to have to deal with actually taking care of a pet.
4. A winning lottery ticket. A girl can dream can't she?
5. More beautiful sunny-yet-not-too-hot days.

On another note, do you people like tuna sandwiches?
The manfriend can't STAND the smell of tuna and won't allow me to make them if he's home.
He's a tyrant I tell ya!

I'm forced to get my tuna-fix during the day and have the apartment aired out by the time he gets off work.
Even then, he usually can smell it somehow...

On that note, I'm going to go air out the apartment a little more and wash my tuna-tainted dishes.
There will be no evidence!


  1. haha i love tuna sandwiches. but luckily my boyfriend likes them too.
    your calendar is amazing.

  2. I love me some tuna sandwiches! Mm Mm Mmmmm! & Vito doesn't mind them so it's fine with me!

    Uhm, there is a 6th thing that you should be excited for in March. Just Sayin'...


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