Saturday, April 3, 2010

april has arrived...

Howdy April!

Ever since I got my new, amazing, wonderful, knitting needles from Knit Picks I have been knitting up a storm.
These are the things I've been making lately:

1. Snowman dishcloth
Hopefully you can see the snowman in there. Its snowing too!
I was a little inconsistent with my knitting so its a little misshapen, but it's not too bad.
When I was searching for knitting patterns last month, I stumbled upon Kris Knits, a blog by a seriously creative and talented woman.
She has some adorable children and, amongst other things, she features a monthly mystery KAL (knit-along).
She actually designs a pattern (for a dishcloth like above) every month and throughout the month, without telling what the design is, she posts a little bit of the pattern at a time so it's just a bunch of people knitting "together" and trying to figure out what it is exactly.
It was really a victorious moment as I was knitting this one (January's) when I discovered it was a snowman!

2. Long stocking cap
This hat just made me laugh so I decided to make it.
It was my first project with my new needles.
(I totally ran out of brown yarn so I just made it all white at the top)
I'll probably give it to my boyfriend's niece or something.

3. Neck warmer
I found this pattern on the website where I got my needles and thought it was really cute.
I still need to buy a large button to finish it.

Its supposed to look like this when its all finished and on:

4. "Sweet Little Birds"
My mom's best friend loves birds and owns like.. a ton.
So I decided to knit her some (not-so-sweet) birds for her birthday.
I've never knit anything that I had to stuff before so I found this easy pattern and went with it.
If I were being honest with myself, they're kind of bad.
The faces are a little retarded (and crooked) but those beaks are not as easy to make as you'd think!
I know she'll love them and appreciate that I made them though so thats all that matters.

On another note, is it strange to anyone else that Michaels doesn't sell stuffing?
Apparently I got lucky and they for some reason had them for something and they had one bag left on clearance but they don't even stock stuffing.
Seems kind of strange to me but whatev!

This month will/may (hopefully) bring:
Easter (tomorrow!)
My mama's birthday
... us one month closer to the Fair (Yes, my town has a Fair. I think it speaks wonders about my life that I am actually looking forward to it)
Consistent warm, beautiful weather
Continued happiness between me and Jonathan after 3 years of being together and 2 years of living together
Me caught up to the most recent Lost season. I'm on season 2 episode 9 at the moment after only 3 or 4 days. I cannot stop!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Happy Easter!! :)

    And these are so amazing!! Your birds are SO COOL!


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