Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is pretty much old news though, but last Saturday Alex and I decided we needed to hang out.
It was long overdue (as is this post).

The original plan was:
Go to C-town
Eat at Chili's
Go look at rings at the home of my future engagement ring
Eat frozen yogurt/all around general gorging

Original plan turned into:
Go to... R-town?
Eat at Red Robin--The waiter we had was totally on the same page as Alex and like complete opposite from me. She was ordering and before she even got a chance to say it, he said "no onions" and we were like WOW impressive. You're in her head. Then when I ordered he struck out 3 times. You see, I love onions. and garlic. a LOT. And he apparently thinks that women don't like garlic and onions? I don't know but he did not get me at all. he was pretty much over me by th end of the meal and was new BFFs with Alex. The price I pay for liking "guy food".
Go on a shopping extravaganza
Get slushies at Sonic (I haven't ever been before)

As we drove into R-town, we noticed that all along the sidewalks there were tons of taped off areas and chairs as far as you could see, all through town.
WE finally asked what the heck was going on and I guess it was a pretty famous annual car show.
People literally set up shop along the road to watch, I assume, the old classic beefed up cars roll through.
There were like.. a LOT of people out to watch this.
Not my cup of tea but clearly a lot of other people were down.
The "show" started at 6 pm so we made a mental note to get out of there before then.

Our shopping trip was pretty much a fail, I have to say.
Alex bought belt and we called it a day.
I saw nothing that I even really liked.

We diiiiid however go look at a jewelry store (Fred Meyer or something like that I believe) and I tried on rings for the first time.
It was really, really weird trying on engagement rings.
They're so.. sparky.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend has ZERO intention of proposing any time soon.
Like not even in the next couple years if I had to guess.
It was still kinda fun to try them on though.
And I discovered that I don't really like round cuts after all. 
Enlightening, really.

After our fail shopping session and trying on rings, we left for home.
And when I say we left I mean we left the parking lot and got lost for 20 minutes trying to find the freeway.

When we were finally headed home we decided to take a quick detour to Sonic.
I had never been, nor seen, a Sonic before and Alex always talked it up so I had to try it.

When we pulled into Sonic I finally understood wtf was with the commercials.
For those of you, like me, who don't know what a Sonic is, you park your car in like a stall with a menu and you press a button when you're ready to order.
You even pay right there and then the people rollerskate the food out to your car.

So my impression with the Sonic commercial was that they were at a drive through or something and they were sitting there eating in their car and they were just hanging out in the drive-though line?
Or something?
But yeah it finally clicked when I saw the place. 
Well we had been there for like 5 minutes when it clicked actually, sadly.
Don't judge me.

Anyway we had our Mozzarella Sticks and were setting off to drive home.
As we were pulling out of Sonic, Alex switched the radio and the song by some guy named Spose (I think) came on and the first thing we heard was, "I got the swagger of a cripple".
We started dying.
I'm pretty sure its not even that funny but we hadn't heard the song before ("I'm awesome") and some serious hilarity ensued.

So much so that instead of making a right and merging straight onto the freeway, we made a left by mistake and went driving 10 minutes in the wrong direction before we realized we needed to turn around.
Goooood times.

All in all, it was a glorious time even though the mall failed us.
And there wasn't a Chili's in R-town (what kind of backwards place doesn't have a Chili's?)
Here's to another play date soon!

Oh yes, before we left we had a little WWLW dress up session.
We didn't get too many good pictures.. and I don't think we gathered enough.. materials.

Jeggings ho!
I meant to grab a little fluffy frilly skirt to put on over the jeggings but I forgot.
Just picture that as part of the outfit and we have arrived.

Yes.. those are short-alls. And I do mean SHORT-alls.
Naturally I'd wear tights under it.
With heels and a shinier shirt.

and this jacket.
Excuse my face.


PS! It's my lovely mother's birthday today! (Yes, her birthday is on 420 harharharharharrr)
Happy Birthday Mama!♥♥

... even though you don't know I have a blog...
I should probably be kissing her in this picture as its her birthday but this is what I have to work with.


  1. Mmm I STILL have not had mozzarella sticks from when I craved them in SF. Sooo jealous. I've never been to a Sonic either. They just built one within the last year but it's out of the way and I never go. I really need to.

    Hi, your outfits are totes sexy. ;)

    I love the pic of you and your mom! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Dude. Effing R-town and my sucky sense of direction. Those mozarella sticks made my life...as did my slushe! YUM.

    That song...remember how I almost choked to death with laughter?! Oh em gee!

    Your photo shoot was awesome...you forgot to mention why we took the pictures IN the dressing room...because the girl next to you was trying on the same short-alls...but for serious.

    Good times. Love your face Bastina B!

  3. Ha ha ha. I'm dying reading this post. I wish I was there. I miss you! I miss both of you!

    xo, ash


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