Saturday, June 5, 2010

picture posts in my future?

I think this is my favorite picture

So I'm pretty sure I am back to maybe 3 followers tops since I never blog anymore and when I do its just random bullshit.
But I am in a mood. A blogging mood, as it were.

I am going to paint a picture of my morning so far:

8:00 AM on the dot... Jonesy woke me up with the consistency of an alarm clock wanting to get his breakfast on.
He really has some impeccable timing, I must say and how can I deny my little man anything when he turns his purr box on like that?
Exactly, I can't.
So up I went, grabbing a sweatshirt and PJ bottoms to throw on to my nothingness on the way out.

I gave him his food and then went to go pee and a minute later he runs into the bathroom to see where I went.
The little guy has separation anxiety, I swear.

A little Facebook browsing, a tasty waffle, a hot cup of tea, and 3 hours later, I am siting here typing this as Jonesy sleeps on my desk next to the open window. 

Jonathan is still in bed and probably will be for another 2 hours.
Even on work days, I am up pretty much 2 hours before him.
5 hours on his days off!

I've been thinking about my blog the past couple of days and how I never post anymore.
I feel like I have nothing to say really and especially nothing I can write that you guys will find amusing.
Maybe thats why I don't post. 
I feel like people don't really care about what I have to say or the random BS that I do (which is pretty much nothing).

I have been thinking about doing picture posts more frequently with just pictures pretty much.
That might be interesting if I can pull it off and actually keep to it.
I'll probably give it a shot today or tomorrow.

Before I sign off here I'll just post a few other things I've knit...

a silly thing I made for my mom for mother's day.

(Lost in the background!)
Bee on a cord! 
I found the pattern for it on THIS site. Enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Dude!!! Bee pattern me up!!! So cute!

  2. Its from here! Enjoy!

  3. That bee is too cute! You are the knitting queen & I think it is sooo adorable! <3 Love you.

  4. You and your knitting!! I love it! I think I might attempt the bee!


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