Friday, July 2, 2010

i ♥ my family

July has arrived!

This last week, Sunday until Thursday, I went down to the bay area to visit my fam!
I timed my visit around the Eclipse premiere since my sister-in-law invited me a while back and I stayed for a few days to see everyone.

Sunday: Scooter ride to downtown Campbell with my family
Yes, that is a leather jacket. My family is all about safety and I was forced into it.
I rode on the back of my dad's scooter, my mom was on her own, and my brother and his wife were on theirs.

Monday: Spent the day with my friend Emelie and went to the t-shirt making party for the Eclipse premiere 

(Emelie's Lady Gaga shirt since she wasn't going to Eclipse)

Tuesday: Premiere 

Wednesday: Sister day! Haircut, The Boiling Crab, and sleepover
 The Boiling Crab was a different dining experience, to say the least. 
They bring your food out in a bag with the sauce inside and you just eat with your hands.
We ordered shrimp and its actually whole shrimp that you have to take apart and peel.
Super messy, super yummy.


  1. Fun! I ♥ your shirt! And the shirt that talks about Pumas! Miss you lady!

  2. "Yes, that is a leather jacket. My family is all about safety and I was forced into it."

    My boyfriend has a motorbike and a couple summers ago we got hit by a bus and because his leather jacket wasn't zipped to his leather trousers he ended with one hell of a bit of road rash on the bottom of his back where the jacket slid up when he came off. There was gravel in him for quite some time.
    I don't even want to imagine what it'd have been like if he wasn't wearing one at all.
    Leather jacket = keeping your skin :)

  3. Picture blast! I LOVE IT. I also love that you post pictures of your pinup girl calender- so cute! I am definitely jealous of your lovely shirts, and love your new haircut!!

    PS- Sprinkles soon. Hopefully. Sometime.

  4. yay for the bay area! ...and boiling crab! delicious!

  5. That looks like you had lots of fun! Mmm crab...

  6. Love the always!!
    Shirt pics are awesome!!


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