Monday, August 2, 2010

day 5 and 6 of 30 day challenge... and other stuff!

"Near Miss"

Happy August!
and Weeds. :]

My parents were in town yesterday so I failed on my day 5 post so I am doubling up today!
along with a little look-see of what I have been knitting/crocheting.
Thats right, I crochet now.
I am full on grandma-fied!

Day 5 - Your Dreams
My dream is to have and raise disciplined, smart, respectful, loving, functioning children and, above all, to have a strong loving LASTING marriage until the day I die.

Day 6 - A Stranger
This guy is a complete stranger.
Not really sure where I was supposed to take this day's picture...

In other news....
In case you people didn't get the memo, I started to crochet about 2 weeks ago.

I only started crocheting to make amigurumi (crocheted little creatures) because it seems to form them better than knitting in a lot of instances. 
I had a rocky start but I have finally gotten the hang of it!

Here is what I have been making as of late:
Lamb... I love how this turned out, I am so happy with it!
*lamb pattern found here*

A cupcake that I am sure you have seen on Alex's bog.
She named him sprinkle :]

Mommy owl and Cafe con leche cup.

*Grenade pattern found here*

Sugar bunny
Its a little lopsided the way I put it together but still kinda cute I suppose.
*Sugar bunny pattern can be found here along with some other really cute free knitting patterns*

and now my pride and joy as of yet...
Donatello! I plan on making the other teenage mutant ninja turtles as well :D
I decided last minute to add the belt on him.
*TMNT pattern can be found here*

This apple I just did yesterday but I can't finish it yet until I get some smaller eyes to put on the worm that is supposed to be sticking out the side.
I accidentally threw out the eyes I had :[

OH and I am kind of excited about this purchase yesterday for SIX DOLLARS!?
God bless this small town.
They could sell this down in the Bay area for like $30+ dollars and people would buy it.


  1. I'm not going to lie..when I first saw some of those on etsy, I was like uhm really what would one do with a tiny apple? Yet now, I kind of want a little monkey to sit on my desk! And what teacher wouldn't want an apple that never goes bad! lol

    Those are super cute, but the owls and hedgehogs you are soon to make will be even better!

  2. I love your dreams. They sound perfect.

    & your knitting/crocheting skills are awesome! I'm in love with Donatello & Sprinkle!!

  3. Dude. You crack me up. Grandma Bastina Balicious.

    I love my little cupcake friend! He is looking at me as I type this.

    I suggest Michaelangelo be the next TMNT that is made. He is LEGIT.

  4. Dude. I want to learn how to crochet! FREAKIN AWESOME!

  5. I want you to have an Etsy shop for all your crocheted creations...seriously!


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