Saturday, September 4, 2010

and the winner is.....


And listen to this!

Last night before bed I fell asleep, I said to the manfriend, 

"Pick a number 1-55"


"K, thanks"

and off to sleep I fell.

This morning when I was going to announce the winner I thought, maybe that isn't fair. 
Maybe I should just do the number generator thing.

SO I typed in 1-55, hit generate...

what number did I get?


Kat, its a sign from God. He would like you to have some crochet-thing made by me!

Thank you ALL for entering and supporting my shop!
I have MANY plans to add items so keep checking back and you might see something you like :]

1 comment:

  1. zohmygosh!! that is so cool!!! <3
    i am excited for whenever my little friend gets here so no rush, xoxo


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