Friday, July 22, 2011

My blog bit the dust..

Kinda. I don't know how it happened!

It looks like all the photos that I have ever posted are broken, which make me pretty gosh darn sad. 
How will anyone be able to look back and be amused without the proper imagery?
I have decided not to go through and fix every picture because that would make me want to kill myself. 
SOOOO this is a new beginning.

I hope.

Much has happened since I last posted! Such as:

1. We moved away from our hellish neighbors (and out of cow town)! Yippeeeee! No more spit  all over the ground outside our door, no more smoke (cigarette AND meth) seeping into our apartment, no more loud late-night screaming bouts, no more creepy people creeping around being creepers. Our new place is 500% nicer. That is not an exaggeration. Tile floors, dishwasher (THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!), full size washer and dryer (EEEEH!!), stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, granite countertops, huge bathroom, overhead lighting (I love all the lights!), never been lived in. Oh, don't forget the gym and pool too <3

I am a happy girl


 (^ You can't see in this picture but there is a cut out in that wall by the door so you can see right into the living room when you come in)

2. I got a sweet new camera, the Sony Nex-5. It makes me want to take pictures of anything and everything. I am putting it to good use for my shop!

3. I took a trip to New York with my mom to visit family. It was so great visiting everyone. I forgot how gorgeous Long Island was! I want to move to Sag Harbor. Just sayin'.

4. I hit 100+ sales in my Etsy shop since opening last August. I can't say enough how much I love and appreciate my customers!! [gobuystuff.]

5. I got a job at Joann Fabrics & Crafts. Today! I walked in yesterday with my application, got an interview for the next day (today), and was offered the job 2 minutes into the 5 minute interview! It's a good thing too because if I had to fill out 1 more application I may have done something drastic. 

SO starting Tuesday I will no longer be a stay-at-home girlfriend. The position is very part time, 12 hours a week to start, but it's something... and God knows I love my crafts! 
Hello employee discount, goodbye paycheck. It's the natural cycle of things. 

This list was actually not very long but give me a break.
I'm just getting back into the groove of blogging. 
I like to think that my life might yield some more interesting stories than lately since I will be starting a job, so stay tuned!

Be prepared for some knit/crochet posts too. Because that is kind of all I do. And what I love.

I will now end this post with a picture of something I am doing right now. 
Or a picture of me.
It will be my new sign off!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pay it forward...

It certainly has been a while folks! 
About 4 months to be exact.

My shop has been doing amazingly well since I started in August and I have been knitting and crocheting my little fingers off.

When I started my shop, I only expected to sell a couple things a month tops and instead I find myself with 80 sales and counting!

My biggest sellers so far were around the holidays and included my Candy Corn Pocket Pals around Halloween and my Wine Bottle Apparel (thanks a MILLION to Ivy for giving me the idea!) around Christmas .

Anyway, the main point of this post is also Ivy inspired (as was my last one from September!)...

Ivy had a truly excellent idea that I have decided to participate in. 
She has decided to Pay It Forward (explanation below) and I hope you will join us in keeping this going:

Here is my pledge for "Pay It Forward"

I promise to send something handmade to the first 3 people who leave a comment here. 

  {I will be crocheting, knitting, or possibly needle felting something for my 3 people}
To be eligible, you must also post this on your blog, 
offering the same thing to 3 other people.

The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 3 people *sometime* in 2011. 

Once you comment to participate, I will hold your spot until you have had time to do your post.  When your post is up, I will contact you to discuss your handmade item and your mailing address! 

Now, I KNOW that I have at least 3 creative and crafty readers (at least, I hope someone still reads this blog..) that either have an etsy shop or just make stuff for fun who could participate.

Imagine with me please that this were really to be chained on and on...
 people all throughout the country receiving packages containing an amazing handmade item and then in turn, those people mailing out 3 handmade items to 3 other people. 
Not only is it an excellent way for us all to connect and share a part of ourselves, it's just fun!

I hope to be in touch with 3 of you very soon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The monthly bill: What's your count?

I was reading Ivy's blog just now and she talked a little about PMS which, of course, sucks.
Sometimes it feels like we just cant catch a break.

Just when you're feeling good and recovered you get billed again.
There must be a mistake, I didn't order that.

Anyway, all this got me thinking about how most of us (my mom had a hysterectomy in her late 30s or early 40s) are going to have our periods for the majority of our life which means once a damn month! 
For a LOT of years!
Its very alarming to think about.
 I mean just ONE period is alarming, really... we are bleeding out of our lady business!

So on this thought track, I busted out my calculator and I want you all to do the same...
 I want your period count as of now!

How many have you had thus far in your life?
I want to hear from you all! Regular and irregular periods alike!

My number is 95That is a lot of tampons!
I'm guessing a lot of you can school me though since I am pretty young (22 next month!).

If I don't get at LEAST 10 comments I am going to be very disappointed and possibly delete my blog in a haze of depression.

Lets see those number ladies!
And it would be great hearing when/how you started your period if you have an amusing (or traumatic) story about it!

I remember mine well, Halloween night 8th grade...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

why I hate my neighbors: Reason #2

They leave their cigarette butts on our doormat.

Who does that?

Monday, September 20, 2010

I need more hands.

Hello there!

I have been so busy lately and I haven't had time (or ideas) to blog.
Don't get me wrong, I have been a home 80% of the time but I have been filling orders from my shop and creating new things for it.... combined with ironing, cleaning, cooking, and loving on my cat.

I've actually been having computer game and reading withdrawals since all I have been doing is knitting and crocheting. 
The nerd in me is dying while the domestic side of me is alive and well.

On top of stuff to make for my shop, I have a seemingly never ending list of items to knit/crochet for friends and family including but not limited to:

- knit dust mitt for my aunt
- crochet hat for my brother
- coffee cup cozies for my sister
- crochet Droid cozy for my sister-in-law (this one is actually in the making and almost done)
- knit scarf for my dad
- crochet Christmas gift for Alex
- possibly 2 knit baby hats for Jil's friend's twin girls if she likes them
- knit bee for emelie
- 14+ crochet creatures of some sort for the kids Alex works with
- something for Alex to take to the Lovely Lauren Leigh when she goes to visit (I need to know when that will be so I can get on that!)
- crochet a ninja turtle for my sister-in-law's little brother
- stockings for Christmas since we have none!
- a crochet teddy bear for the manfriend's niece

I'm sure I am forgetting some stuff but my head is going to explode if I try to come up with any more.
Top that off with the 105 things I want to make for the shop and there is just not enough time in the day!

I will leave you all with some pictures of what I have been creating lately.
Feel free to visit my etsy shop and buy some pretty sweet things! 
(and more pics of what I am about to post)

1. Heather grey iPod/iPhone cozy with red button

2. Tweed iPod/iPhone cozy with a felt owl

3. White baby beanie with handmade rosette (I have been in a rosette making craze!)

4. SUPER SOFT purple baby beanie with rosette. I am in love with this yarn and hat.

5. I know we have seen this one before but I customized the not-so-cowardly lion to have yarn eyes (instead of plastic) and movable legs and arms to make it safer and more fun for a newborn baby!
 I was pretty happy with how it turned out actually and I hope my customer was too!

I plan on a lot more iPod/iPhone cozies, baby hats and accessories, and cup cozies in my shop in the very near future!
As fast as I can knit and crochet them, really.

I wish a lovely day upon you all!
I am going to go drink my cup of tea and then head to the post office to ship the giveaway winner (aka KatOfDiamonds!) her Little Dragon. I hope you love it Kat!

OH! And if you love me and/or my knitting/crochet/Etsy shop, go like my Christina's Yarn Crafts Facebook fan page!

PS, my cat is cute.
Yes, he is inside the bag.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

this is a public announcement.

To alert all of you who may not know...

The lovely Ivy's blog is one year old this coming week and she is having a giveaway to celebrate!

Ivy is giving away an all-things-Ivy box of goodies which I, for one, am  very excited about!

The giveaway ends on her blog's 1 year birthday which is the 8th of this month so go check it out quick.

Or you could just not go, that would be cool with me...

.. because I want to WIN!!

srsly though, go check it out.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

and the winner is.....


And listen to this!

Last night before bed I fell asleep, I said to the manfriend, 

"Pick a number 1-55"


"K, thanks"

and off to sleep I fell.

This morning when I was going to announce the winner I thought, maybe that isn't fair. 
Maybe I should just do the number generator thing.

SO I typed in 1-55, hit generate...

what number did I get?


Kat, its a sign from God. He would like you to have some crochet-thing made by me!

Thank you ALL for entering and supporting my shop!
I have MANY plans to add items so keep checking back and you might see something you like :]