Thursday, December 31, 2009

well, hello there, 2010...

It is oficially new years eve!
Me and the manfriend aren't what you'd call "party animals", nor do I want to be killed by a drunken Chico student so I plan on bringing in 2010 doing the following:

baking these sugar cookies...

a regift from my sister-in-law who got it from one of her students. Thanks kids!

..and possibly eating those See's candies..

reading this book (on my nook)...

which I heard about from Busy Bee Lauren's blog a while ago.
I figure that:
a). she read and liked the Twilight books so we have the same book-taste there 
b). I read The Hunger Games after her recommendation of it and LOVED it
so why not try another recommendation?

I just finished reading Citizen Girl

I gotta say, it was pretty meh. I wouldn't recommend it.

making some oven-fried pork chops for dinner...

This is such a pathetic picture! I swear my dinners aren't lame! Jonathan doesnt like his food to touch.. plus the plates are huge!
Excuse train coming through..... woo-woooooo

Jonathan totally loves them. It's just a recipe I got out of the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book (14th Edition). They're really quick and easy to make too. If anyone cares for the recipe I'd be happy to give it to you.

having a cup of hot tea and a biscotti (or 2!)...

hello, love of my life.
I get my biscotti at Costco. The brand is Nonni's and one side is all dipped in chocolate.

and fine tuning and printing out my resume.
Alex's friend Jil (you know, cupcake tutorial Jil) works at home and her boss is maybe looking to hire someone else to do data entry and stuff at home as well. I am SO hoping she'll consider me!

It would be so ideal and I know I wont get an opportunity like this again! I don't do school or work or anything right now but I feel lately like I need something else in my life.
Pray for me guys!
I realllly, really want this to happen!

oh yeah, and a new years smooch...


I hope you all have a GREAT New Years Eve!
Take lots of pics so I can live vicariously through you!
and stay SAFE.
dd guys. srsly.

Happy New Year folks!
Catch you all in 2010!

smells like victory...

I have finally done it.
I harassed Jonathan until he finally gave up and let me take a picture of him in the 3D glasses!


V I C T O R Y.

until later!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

neat things I own..

Originally I was thinking something along the lines of.. "5 things I cant live without" but I don't actually own anything that cool. So it has evolved into me just taking pictures of random things in my possession and throwing them on a post.
Can you dig?

before we get into that I'd like you all to take a look at something for me.
I was taking the trash out last night and upon my return I noticed something by my door. Something metallic. Something dead-looking (I hoped).
Please tell me what this is.....


Upon closer inspection (not too close, mind you), I decided it must have to be a dead lizard. The only thing making me wonder is the fact that it has like.. a head on each end. and mutated extra limbs. and its super silver-looking. I have never seen a metallic silver lizard running around.

Apparently my doorstep is where creatures come to die.

Anyway. I now introduce the:
Neat things I own/can't live without and just really like.. list.
.. in no particular order.. besides #1.

My tea Kettle

We will start with the most important item first.
This little son-of-a-gun fuels my lifeline. Without my earl grey, I might perish completely. I do mix it up once in a while and drink a different kind of tea (e.g. mint, green tea, green tea peach) but early grey is my numbah one!

My bear!

This is the build-a-bear that I forced my bf to make me on my birthday 2 years ago! He is my snuggle muffin. I hold him every night and basically use him as a pillow. I even bring him to my parents when I am going to visit without my bf.
I love him. I am not ashamed.

My swiffer sweeper vac!

Ok, this one I really might not be able to live without.
Me and sweeper vac met one fateful day when I was cleaning my parent's house.

After trying theirs out and being amazed, my dad offered to buy me one for my help. I always swept and then swiffered because the broom didn't do a very good job of getting all the hair I shed. This does the whole job.

Everyone out there. Buy a sweeper vac. Throw away your brooms.
Seriously, go break your broom over your knee and toss it in the garbage. You will never need it again. It will be the best $30 you have ever spent!

Umm before we get to number 4 I'd just like to say God bless the auto-save.

My nook!

I love my nook!
Its so neat being able to just download books whenever you want! That picture on there is just there when its turned off which I thought was so cool when I got it. It filters through a few pictures and it has a couple categories or you can put your own pictures on there.

My new purse

This was another Christmas present this year from my mom.
I was surprised that she picked it out on her own because I really like it. Its usually hit or miss with her.
Its nothing fancy but I heart it!

My 2010 Pin Up girl calendar!

I think its so cute!
When I was in the store looking at it with my friend, this old woman started talking to us about the old original pin up girls and how pictures like these would often be painted on the side of a ship or a plane.
"It was a man's world."

are you getting sick of this yet?

My truffle square thingy

I saw this at a kitchen store in Monterey and I thought it was so cute so I put it up above my sink. Its nicer than staring at blank white wall while I stand and do dishes!
Hooray for no dishwasher.......

My scrappy blocks!

These were my Christmas present this year from Jonathan's (my bf, remember?) sister, Alex!
They are so adorable!
Go check out Alex and the other ladies' craft site if you haven't!
I had them make me some wedding date blocks for my sister-in-law for Christmas and she literally started crying when she saw them. Needless to say I had a win present!

Last but not least:

My bird necklace!

This right here is my favie necklace ever. I pretty much wear it with anything and everything. I cannot count the times that people have thought it was a tattoo on my chest.

and that concludes the random tour of things I own that I think are pretty neat.

I will now leave you with a picture of Guster, my dachshund. Who I miss terribly.


Jonathan in 3D glasses will be coming soon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

movie night...

Is anybody out thereeee...

Last night I went with Jonathan and his co-worker Scott to go see Avatar! In 3D!.. RealD I think they called it. 

We got there an hour early on a MONDAY night and the line was still massive. The only reason we got 3 seats together that weren't in the front row was because some guy scooted his family over for us, bless his soul. If it had come down to it though Scott would have gotten the boot to go find his own seat--sorry Scotty!

Anyway, the movie was really good and engaging.. and kinda long but it wasnt like a wow-when-is-this-movie-going-to-be-freaking-over long. Even Jonathan wanted it to keep going once it had ended. I'm normally very not down with 3D movies where stuff is popping out and startling you every half a minute.. I don't need that kind of excitement in my life. But this was literally just 3D. No popping. No heart attacks. If you're like me about 3D movies, don't worry, you wont need to bring a change of pants. In fact I suggest going to see the 3D one if you have the opportunity because it was pretty darn neat.

Has anyone else seen it yet? Was non-*realD* as satisfying as the realD was?

ummmmm... how stylin' are the new 3D glasses? I just got out of bed so ignore my hair. and my face. well really everything besides the glasses.

It is my new goal in life to get a picture of Jonathan in his 3D glasses... which we accidently forgot to recycle in the bin outside the theater...... shame on us. I will post this picture the second I take it! Fear not!

I need to actually do stuff around the apartment today so I should stop messing around on here. Yesterday if you were reading my posts you would have seen some pretty intense background/header combinations. I was trying to find a way to spruce my blog up a bit. I think I approve of the owls for now.. I like simplicity. Nothing too busy or fancy-shmancy. But yeah, thats why I was worthless yesterday. I think first order of business is to make some tea then take the ornaments off our tree.

Until later, my imaginary friends!

<3 Christina.

Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas festivities...

I am finally home from my parents!
I haven't spend so much time there at once for a long time and I found myself getting a little emotional when I had to leave. I guess I was getting used to my mom taking care of me again. I lovelovelove my family and it sucks living 3 hours away from them!

That being said...
I now introduce my first picture tutorial:

*Disclaimer: I am seriously pale. Do not be alarmed by  the white glow of my skin!*

I'd like to introduce my wonderful parents. This has got to be the cutest picture of them ever. I'd like it to be known that I am the reason this picture exists.. because I demanded they look at each other.

This is my sister, myself, and my sister-in-law all looking at different cameras. Why can't people take turns with cameras? Everyone just busts them all out at once and demands you look at them. Well this is what happens! A cautionary tale folks.

Oh no wait thats me...
My dad came up to me on Christmas and said, "You know you are really, really pale... but it's like a nice pale." Thanks Popsy.

My sister and her boyfriend who I've only met twice now but he seems like a good guy. He makes her happy and treats her well so I approve! Plus he's a chef!

Well.. thats me. Wielding scissors again. I was about to go cut down the stockings.. I swear.
and what do I mean by again? Allow me to show you...

umm... who's that freak?
Yeah, I was going to cut some tomatoes off the vine with my sister. Anyway, moving on..

Me and my brother... aka the retarded reindeer.

My sister and I were taking pictures of each other and giggling like 10 year olds.

My sister-in-law, me, my sister, my mom, and my Aunt Becki. I love these ladies sooo much and I miss them every time I have to leave to go back home!

Present time! We didn't open presents till like 1 something because SOMEONE (my sister) didn't get out of bed till 12:45 and had to get ready and drive over. As soon as she walked in the door we got down to business. I was way antsy to open presents this year for some reason.

Sooo that is my family. and me. I guess theres no picture of Christmas dinner because we were all too busy stuffing our faces to pick up a camera.

I normally (well, starting last year after me and my bf moved in together) do Christmas eve with my family and then drive back to Jonathan's (my bf) mom's on Christmas morning and do Christmas day there. This year however my sister had to work on Christmas eve and my mom was just going to do Christmas dinner on both days. I thought that was silly and didn't want my mom to have to do so much cooking so I decided to just stay at my parents for Christmas day and told Jonathan to stay home and go to his mom's without me. It was kind of sad to not be with him on Christmas or go over there to his family's but it just worked out so much better this way.

I hope you all had a great Christmas or whatever holiday you do celebrate this time of year!

<3 Christina.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

down to business...

Well. Hello random people on the internet! I am Christina and this is my blog. I'm not yet sure if:
a). I will continue writing on this blog of mine
b). that I will even have anything to write about, therefore option a would be forcibly brought into motion.

I'm not sure how people even find new blogs so I might just end up talking to myself and writing Dear Diary at the start of every entry.

Anyway..Now that THAT is out of the way.. I'd like to talk to you all about yesterday. Yesterday was a day that I like to call *Christmas* not to be confused with *Christina* which is my name. Something I often did in elementary school when I was heading papers around this wonderful time of year.

On this joyous day a bajillion years ago, baby Jesus was born. On this day yesterday, I got a nook. For those of you who may not know, a nook is like a Kindle. And for those of you who do not know what a Kindle is, allow me to enlighten you.

A nook is the barnes & noble version of the kindle which is a... ohh, hmm, 6 inch? tall electronic device where you can buy and download ebooks onto and read off of. It can hold thousands of books apparently and I just had to have this son of a gun. The possibility of walking around and being able to pull it out anywhere and buy or read a book and not look like a weirdo sounded pretty great to me. Not to mention its just convenient.
So I got one of these bad boys for Christmas and I opened it all up and waited, all antsy, for like 2 hours while it charged to full (because thats what the instructions told me I HAD to do) before I started messing with it. Long story short, the effing thing won't let me download books! I was able to BUY a book... go figureeeee... but I couldn't actually download it onto my nook.

It was a bit of a letdown when it came to nook climax time, if you know what I mean.
It kept saying "Queued: Will complete shortly" when I tried to download the book I just bought (Citizen Girl.. I don't know if its good or not) and the finally it would say try again later. I took this to mean that there were so many damn people trying to download books that it was turning people away. SO I spent all night hanging with the fam and.. reading a real book (sadface) while letting my nook sit in the supposed "queue".
For 8 hours.
ohsweet. it just worked all of a sudden. My blog is a lucky charm. I'm keeping it. for reals.
Ok, after like 15 minutes of reading I officially like it. The only thing I would maybe like better is if the page *turn* was a little more fluid and quick but otherwise.. yaaaaaay! I'm excited!

This post is way too long and rambling but I have been up since 8 am and it is 2:08 am so.
.... give me a break homies.

Did anyone else get a nook and if so was it malfunctioning too!? :)
or maybe YOU were the one getting all the quick downloads!

PS-I have to mention my boyfriend's mom brought to my attention that its called a nook ebook... think about it.
lol @mamaholley.
mildly delightful.