Saturday, February 27, 2010

all aboard the failboat... literally...

So I have been a bit lot MIA lately.

Me and my blog are just taking some time apart.
Hopefully I'll be posting more frequently again.

I'm still having blah days at home.. I think thats reason #1 why I want a kitten so bad.
I just need something going on during the day.

I did finally get my DROID (yay!) though so hopefully I'll be starting working for my dad real soon.
That would be something going on.

and on the kitten front, Jonathan said he'd make up his mind by this weekend.
But since he works Tuesday through Saturday his "weekend" is Sunday-Monday.
Soooo I'm assuming he'll draw it out until Monday.
We shall see!

Back to the DROID!

I tweaked the lighting because I was texting Alex some top secret messages.. and I crossed out her last name so you creepers can't stalk her :)

My parents know me well.. notice the pink edges around that first picture?
Thats right, they bought me a pink cover!
Without any input from me.
Who is a happy girl?

That would be meee!

Last but not least, my knitting projects.
What to say about my knitting..

I like it still, very much.
I was sitting on the couch the other night knitting and when the pizza delivery guy came to the door I hid it so he didn't think I was a crazy knitting fool.
I'm really not that ashamed though.
I am a granny in training.
Or a crazy cat lady in training.
Take your pick.

As for the potholder thing I was making, I kind of brought the fail to it.
It was actually going pretty well for the first almost-half and I was feeling pretty good.
But THEN I noticed my pattern disappearing.
I had somehow (apparently I repeated the same row twice) managed to flip the stitch to the opposite side.
I read some forums though (yeah, I read knitting forums. Love me.) and figured out what I had done wrong and got my pattern back on track!

Unfortunately the damage was already done and I wasn't down with going back to fix it.
So I have a block of nothingness on my potholder dealy.

I have decided to take it as a learning experience.
At least in the future I will know what to do if I "lose" my pattern again.

So anyway, please witness the fail that is my potholder.. or more like.. hotpad. Or whatever you'd call it?
Isn't it great?
Yeah, thats because I didn't actually knit this one.
This is the picture of what it's SUPPOSED to look like.

and this is what mine looks like. 
Don't worry, I facepalmed.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I mysteriously added stitches during the process.
When I figured this out and how/why I was doing it I decided to make it the correct number again.
Needless to say, that is why it is thinner at the top.

You can see a boat, right?

After that monstrosity, I decided to do a scarf and practice my color switching.

Its about 2 and a half times as long now.
Yes, thats how long I have been putting off this post.

Its actually going pretty well though.
Not that I'd wear it because it's kinda lame and not soft
I'm practicing!
and I think its looking pretty good.

I need to invest in some more supplies.
I already have a set of needles that I'd like if I continue to knit.
Its like $60-$75 but it comes with 9 sets of needles (all different sizes) and some other goodies.
I don't think I'll want to wait for my birthday.
I'll probably end up asking Jonathan to get them for me.

Anyhow, enough about knitting!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

of all the hobbies I could have chosen...

So I really am losing my mind, I think.
It was bad enough that I started lusting (in a totally non-sexual way, creepers) after a kitten but now I have started 

The end of last week weren't very good days for me.
I was feeling very lonely and bored and just not in a good place.
I'm usually ok being home and filling my time with whatever, but the computer hasn't really been doing it for me lately and I realized I needed to get an effing hobby.

I started brainstorming yesterday and I decided to look up knitting, of all things.

I found a site with videos and patterns, from basic to more intricate stuff, and it actually looked kind of fun so I said why the heck not!

So today I went to town all by my lonesome (because Jonathan was being a son-of-a-gun) and picked out a few sets of needles and some yarn and came home and started up!

I decided to make this for my first project:
Its just a silly little sailboat potholder but I figure that its easy and I could actually use it no matter how lame it turns out.
I somehow added 3 extra rows to the length of it but I think it might end up looking ok.. maybe.
Hopefully the boat will still look like a boat and I haven't warped the pattern all crazy!

Its a good way to pass the time and its actually not too hard.
Hopefully it will keep me going through the days when I start feeling extremely bored and just blah.

I've done like.. 12 rows of it so far.
You can start to see the boat!
(Hopefully my little fingies will survive.. they already kind of hurt)
I'll post a picture of the completed product when I finish and we shall evaluate my future as a knitter!

What is happening to me? 
Kitty craze?
Do I smell a crazy cat lady?

Speaking of which, I have got to post this picture of these kittens because I am in love.
They have got to be the cutest things I have ever seen.

Hope with me that Jonathan lets me get oneeeeeee!

and thanks for the feedback about cats everyone!
I heart you all!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I think I've lost my mind...

Let me explain.

Last year sometime, me and the manfriend were leaving the apartment to go somewhere and some lady had a box full of kittens that she was showing to some people.

They were really cute, as kittens tend to be, and I said, "OHHH I want one!!"

Manfriend responded with something along the lines of, "Hell no."

After which I informed him, "I don't even really like cats. I just want something to loveeee!"

he laughed.
And that was the end of that.

Then when I got back from my parents' house last week, we were sitting in the apartment and he said, "I've been thinking about getting you a kitten."

This was so weird of him to say because he is not an animal person at all.
My initial reaction was to be very surprised and think about how I don't even care for cats.
(I've always been a dog person.)

After spending more time thinking about it, I realized the reason I don't like cats is because I'm kind of scared of them.
I usually feel really uncomfortable around other peoples' cats.
I believe this is because I've never had one before and I don't know how to read them.

Then I thought, well, if I had my own cat since a kitten then I would know how to read it and its personality and I would love it, I'm sure.

and with that thought, my kitten craze started.

Needless to say, Jonathan is sorry he ever mentioned getting me one because I keep bothering him about it and talking about kittens.
I seriously spend large chunks of time reading about cats/kittens and looking up pictures.
Its a problem.

I just really want one now!
I have been doing serious amounts of research on them.
I even called the humane society in town and asked if they have 9-12 week old kittens and they dooo!
It's $25 for a kitten with all their shots and spayed/neutered.
How can you say no to that?
Its cheaper then a large pizza with a side of garlic twists.

All I have to do now is convince Jonathan that this isn't a terrible idea.. and get him to come look at them with me.
Its taking everything in me to not go look at them myself.

I realize that I am going crazy.
I've just completely talked myself into wanting one and I don't think theres any backing out.
Here's hoping Jonathan actually wants to get me one a little.
He said he had been thinking about it for a few months.

Anyway, give me input! 
And cat stories. 
And tell me if you think they are dumb and worthless or glorious pets.

Love me through it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

home at last...

If the title wasn't a big enough tip off, I am back from my parents'.
I got back last friday but I've been seriously anti-computer, not to mention I was hanging with Alex and Sam a little.

Sadly, I don't have a job yet. 
My dad decided to postpone my working for him until he gets busier.
Hopefully thats soon!
It was a little disappointing but I guess I'll have to wait.
My dad still wanted to get me the DROID when I was down there but I told him its silly to pay for it if I won't even be using it for anything yet.
One day me and DROID will be together.

Anyhow, here is a recap of my week at my parents..

Sooo, my mom bought an electric scooter last month that tops out at 28 mph.
When I got to my parents', my mom decided we should take it for a spin and go to the little market around the corner and buy a couple things for dinner.
Let me tell you, I almost died laughing.
My mom kept saying "stop wiggling".
Yeah, I thought we were going to die.

Before Jonathan left to go home, he bought this snazzy new guitar at Guitar Center.
It was a big purchase but if he's happy, I'm happy!

Apparently the knobs on the guitar weren't lined up so my mother was helping pull it off.
Yes, my mom was pulling Jonathan's knob.
Go ahead. Take it.

Jeggings anyone?
Yes, those are printed on creases and pockets, etc.

My sister and I had some sisterly bonding time at the mall and we stumbled upon this glorious article of clothing..
and when I say glorious I mean gloriously retarded.
Just don't even go there.

After the mall, my sister and I stopped at DSW and I saw these beauties!
Steve Madden Jellies!
Takes you back doesn't it?
Unfortunately they didn't have my size.
It was a sad day.

I did buy these at Target!
They were only like $13 and they are just what I've been looking for.. plain black flats that will go with everything.
Dress them up or dress them down.
They're matte but in the sun they kind of sparkle a tiny bit.
I love them!

Later me, my sister, my mom, and my aunt Becki went out to dinner (a delicious place called Mandarin Gourmet) and we stopped and played our fortune cookie numbers.
Sadly none of us won.
Next time girls, next time.

and that's all she wrote for now.
I did other things but this is all the picture evidence I have.

Its good to be home!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

book review: good in bed/certain girls...

I just recently finished reading Good in Bed and Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.
They're both written by the same author as Little Earthquakes which I loved.

Good in Bed is about a reporter named Cannie (Candace) who finds out that her ex boyfriend, Bruce, has written an article in a magazine about their ex-sex life together called, "Loving a Larger Woman".
The underlying theme throughout the whole book is her struggling with her body image as well as being apart from Bruce.
There are a ton of new developments and surprises in the book but it's hard to say much without giving a lot of the story away.

Although I did end up liking the book, it took me quite a while to get into it like I normally do.
I would still recommend reading it though.

... and contrary to the name, its really not that much about sex.
Good in Bed is the name of the magazine feature that Bruce writes.

Certain Girls is the follow-up book to Good in Bed.

Its basically about Cannie's life, many years later, and is written from her and her daughter's point of view, alternating every chapter.
Its about love and loss and family.
It is about not wanting to let go of your little girl even though she's growing up.

I kinda loved it.

Towards the end I was straight up crying my eyes out on the couch.
Like, almost sobbing.
If my boyfriend hadn't been playing a shooter and talking on Ventrilo, he'd have been asking what the heck was wrong with me.
No joke.

I definitely would recommend reading Certain girls and Good in Bed too, if only just to have the background story for the second book.
I hope to read more books by Jennifer Weiner in the future.
(Alex I'm going to be raiding your bookshelf!)

This will probably be my last post until next weekend since I'll be down at my parents' and kind of busy.

Have a safe weekend and a great week everyone!
I hope to come back with many pictures and stories!


Friday, February 5, 2010

my brother makes me laugh...

Friday is finally here! 
Not that it really makes a difference for me since I don't actually have to do anything during the week..
but it usually means that the manfriend will be here during the day, which makes me happy.
But this Friday means that it is closer to Sunday which means I am going to be down in the Bay Area with the fam (and manfriend too now :]) and that I will be receiving my DROID!
and then I'll have to learn what the heck I need to do for my dad exactly.
I'm actually looking forward to it though!

Not so much the doctor's and dentist appointment...

I just got this eCard from my brother that made me laugh.
And be a little creeped out. 
He is such a weirdo. For reals.
That is why we love him.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

and yes, that is his face on every single guy.

Annnnnnyway, I'm off to go watch Project Runway

I seriously, seriously, love that show.
Ever since I stumbled upon the first season.
I've never looked back.
They really fail for having the new episodes at 10 pm though.
I was going to watch it last night but Jonathan wanted to go to bed and watch a movie.
I had to make my choice, sorry Project Runway.

Until later my blog lovies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh haiii Mr. Skarsgård...

Ok, so 2 posts in one day might be a bit much but there wasn't much to my last one.
I love how my mom didn't even wait 5 minutes to call my boyfriend and ask him herself.
Thanks for letting me handle it, mother.

Right now in Christina-ville, as I like to call my apartment (starting now), dinner is simmering on the stove in a dutch oven and I am about to bust out my sweet Swiffer-Sweeper-Vac-goodness to do a number on the floors.

and I will have you know, dutch ovens are really f-ing heavy.
That sucker is anchored to the stove until there is no longer food inside.
Or Jonathan will have to do the heavy lifting when he gets home because my noodle arms aren't going to cut it.

For all of you Vampire Eric (aka Alexander Skarsgård) fans out there, me and the manfriend have discovered another show he's in called Generation Kill.

Oh, haiii!

Its actually a mini-series with 7 parts that was on HBO last year and me and the boyfriend are loving it. Very much. 
Its a true story on these marines' experiences in Iraq.
There are some alarming situations in it, which I guess are just some ugly truths about the war.

Anyway, I am officially a Skarsgård fan.
He's kind of hot. Yes.
I'm not usually a fan of blonde guys.. like at all.
He will be my exception. 
I think the fact that he is so gigantic and buff really helps negate the blondeness.
His head looks a little small for his neck and body in some pics but we will ignore that.

Sometimes when I'm seeing someone on tv, all thats happening is that my brain is registering who that person is and what I know them from. 
So I'm not actually taking them in with my eyes. 
Just acknowledging who they are.
Does that make sense?
I think my brain is broken.. or slow.
The important thing here is that I have seen the light....
even if it took 2 seasons of True Blood, 6 parts of Generation Kill, 2 interview videos, and a google image session.
I got there.

GAh! This post is all over the place!

Before I forget, I need to tell you all the words of wisdom Jonathan and Alex's niece gave me.

Let me paint you a picture.
We were all sitting down at the dinner table, Alex was across from me, Jonathan on my right and little Jordan was on my left.

She was taking my ponytail and smoothing it onto my left shoulder  while conversing with Jonathan and myself.
After a minute of doing this and when everyone was quiet, she was still smoothing my ponytail as she said, very matter-of-factly,

"Things will come, Christina. Things will come"

Everyone cracked up, Alex TWSSed, it was pretty hilarious.
I had my own little fortune cookie sitting next to me.
She is very wise for a 4 year old.

oh, mother...

This is what just took place in the last 5 minutes regarding my upcoming journey to the Bay Area.

*ring ring* ("and when I see you, I really seeee you upside down" name that song!)
Me: Hello?
Mom: Hi. So you're driving yourself down? Why isn't Johnny bringing you anymore?
Me: I don't know. Its my car.
Mom: Oh K. Well, your father was really looking forward to spending a couple hours with him working on his website. I was going to make a nice lasagna for when he got here.
Me: Welll..... I can talk to him and see if he'll drive me I guess.
Mom: Ok, please do. He really wants to get the website all finished and change some things. Its hard to do it over the phone.
Me: Ok, well, I'll talk to him.


Jonathan: Hey
Me: Hey, are you busy?
Jonathan: Not really, whats up?
Me: blahblahblahmydadswebsitedriveme?
Jonathan: What day are you going?
Me: Saturday.
Jonathan: Well I work Saturdays now.
Me: Ok, so Sunday then?
Jonathan: Alright, well I'll... wait I gotta go, I've got another call.
Me: K. love you
Jonathan: Oh, its... your mom.