Wednesday, June 23, 2010

why I hate my neighbors: Reason #1

99% of the time that she walks by the kitchen window where my desk is, she hocks a loogie. 
It is gross.
This sound also causes my kitten, who was curled up sleeping sweetly in my lap, to get up and go look at her nasty ass.
Well we are not amused. 
Not amused at all...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thank you Alex!

For my sweet mug!
And technically the first mug of my own that wasn't jacked from my parent's when I moved out!

**Go check out her adventure to Forks and Port Angeles, Washington for Twilight madness over at Always Alexandria!**

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kittens grow FAST

From April 30th...
... until yesterday.

I think he's turned into a cat.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

picture posts in my future?

I think this is my favorite picture

So I'm pretty sure I am back to maybe 3 followers tops since I never blog anymore and when I do its just random bullshit.
But I am in a mood. A blogging mood, as it were.

I am going to paint a picture of my morning so far:

8:00 AM on the dot... Jonesy woke me up with the consistency of an alarm clock wanting to get his breakfast on.
He really has some impeccable timing, I must say and how can I deny my little man anything when he turns his purr box on like that?
Exactly, I can't.
So up I went, grabbing a sweatshirt and PJ bottoms to throw on to my nothingness on the way out.

I gave him his food and then went to go pee and a minute later he runs into the bathroom to see where I went.
The little guy has separation anxiety, I swear.

A little Facebook browsing, a tasty waffle, a hot cup of tea, and 3 hours later, I am siting here typing this as Jonesy sleeps on my desk next to the open window. 

Jonathan is still in bed and probably will be for another 2 hours.
Even on work days, I am up pretty much 2 hours before him.
5 hours on his days off!

I've been thinking about my blog the past couple of days and how I never post anymore.
I feel like I have nothing to say really and especially nothing I can write that you guys will find amusing.
Maybe thats why I don't post. 
I feel like people don't really care about what I have to say or the random BS that I do (which is pretty much nothing).

I have been thinking about doing picture posts more frequently with just pictures pretty much.
That might be interesting if I can pull it off and actually keep to it.
I'll probably give it a shot today or tomorrow.

Before I sign off here I'll just post a few other things I've knit...

a silly thing I made for my mom for mother's day.

(Lost in the background!)
Bee on a cord! 
I found the pattern for it on THIS site. Enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.